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Playstation + is still gonna be a mad contender with Xbox Live. While + probably won't have as many benefits as it did in years past (due to it being required now), it's not only cheaper than Live, but also offers real and attractive freebies and bigger/more discounts, as well as the benefit of still being able to use Applications that, for Xbox, would require Gold to use.

But I don't really see this as any reason to jump the PS4-ship. It still has more First Party IPs and a stronger system for less, both in terms of system pricing and the online service (with better incentives for the latter).

I'm not really trying to promote the Playstation 4 or anything; heck, I'm not sure if I'm even buying it myself, but I think that one should consider more than just those restrictions when considering the Xbone. This is largely because I was mostly dissatisfied with the fanbase of the 360, with their usual two reasons for having one over a PS3 being that "there was no party chat on PS3" or that "All of their friends had an Xbox 360", partially for the previous reason. Exclusives hardly ever came up (though it was generally hilarious to get them to list off the Xbox exclusives that they knew of, especially when I had to give them some to list). I always considered Xbox 360 fanboys (not necessarily fans in general, just the supposed brand loyalists and brazen defenders) to be the most stubborn of the triumvirate, but seeing them jump ship like was something. It showed me that, if they didn't care about quality before, they certainly would now...but if this is all it takes to make them jump back...well, then I guess no (or little) progress was made.
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