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    I'm not sure how Hamachi works as far as keeping the server running when the computer is locked or shut down, but my "server hours" are roughly:

    Opens 4 p.m. Philippines time,
    closes 4 a.m. Philippines time.

    A long time ago, Hamachi used to allow 15 people on a free server. Then it changed to 10 people. Nowadays, the free limit is 5.

    I played with someone on my server. I was the VBALink server, but my computer could not handle it with its humble 1.3 GHz, and the emulator instantly crashed. We tried again, this time me being the client, and his connection must have been bad because we sat there for several minutes staring at the "Awaiting communication from other players, press B to cancel..."
    We tried many things but my computer simply could not run the emulator as server and the other guy apparently had a poor connection.