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    1. Leader: Bob Age:22 Personality: Bob is a clumsy, but well mannered man. While he may seem like an ordinary joe his battling skills have earned him the title of Gym Leader. Outside of battle he enjoys reading and writing.
    Type: Normal Pokemon: Bidoof lvl 12 Teddiursa lvl12 Powerhouse: Zangoose lvl 14 Badge:Blank badge Tm: Slash

    2. Leader: Nami Age:15 Personality: Outside of battle Serena is calm, quiet, and friendly. However when she finds herself in a battle Her personality changes to a more confident side as she dominates her opponent like a raging wave. Type: Water Pokemon: Azumarril lvl 16 Frillish lvl 16 Corphish lvl 17 Powerhouse: Prinplup lvl 18 Badge: Tsunami badge Tm: Waterpulse

    3. Leader: Jardin Age:17 Personality: He is an athletic and spirited individual. He loves nature and enjoys swinging on trees as well as traveling almost as much as battling. Type:Grass Pokemon: Ferrothorn lvl 23 Sudowoodo lvl 23 (he knows its a rock type but its a tree so he cant resist) Nuzleaf lvl 23 Powerhouse: Grotle lvl 26 Badge: Gaia badge Tm: Leechseed

    4. Leaders: Fer and Roche Age: 16 (twin sisters) Personalities: Fer is the older twin who has an unshakeable determination and bit of an attitude. However she cares for her pokemon and sister. Roche isnt as confident and is in fact very timid. Her battling skills are almost on par with her sister's nonetheless. Type: Fer uses steel Roche uses rock. Pokemon: Fer) Mawile lvl 30 Magnemite lvl 30 Skarmory lvl 32 Powerhouse: Lairon lvl 33 (Roche) Bonsly lvl 30 Boldore lvl 30 Nosepass lvl 32 Powerhouse: Graveler lvl 33 Badge: Sync badge Tm: Irontail (Fer) Rollout (Roche)

    5. Leader: Robin Age: 20 Personality: She has a very twisted sense of humor, nonchalantly making morbid comments in a jokingly manner. She is very quiet and only shows passion forher close friend since childhood and fellow gym leader Titania. However she is still polite with others and is very calm and collected. Type: Dark Pokemon: Sableye lvl 36 Honchcrow lvl 36 Pawniard lvl 36 Umbreon lvl 37 Powerhouse: Absol lvl 38 Badge: Yomi badge Tm: Dark pulse

    6.Leader: Ryu Age: 27 Personality: Ryu is a strong and noble fighter. He happily welcomes any challenger hoping that they would provide him a worthy challenge. Hes a good sport always encouraging those he defeats to become stronger. Due to this he has many disciples training in his gym. Type: Fighting Pokemon: Scrafty lvl 41 Medicham lvl 41 Hitmonchan lvl 41 Heracross lvl 42 Hariyama lvl 42 Powerhouse: Gallade lvl 44 Badge: Tekken badge Tm: Close Combat

    7. Leader: Sonido Age: 19 Personality: Sonido is a musical prodigy. Skilled at playing musical instruments (mostly guitar and drums) He's always got a song jammin in his head. Hes never seen without his signature headphones and drumsticks. Despite his love for rockin out hes an extremely chill and mellow guy. Type: Electric Pokemon: Jolteon lvl 47 Raichu lvl 47 Ampharos lvl 47 Elektrike lvl 47 Electivire lvl 48 Powerhouse: Luxray lvl 50 Badge: Jolt badge Tm: Charge beam

    8. Leader: Titania Age 20 Personality: Titania is smart, beautiful, and extremely powerful. She is noble and graceful in battle and her rank as eighth gym leader proves it. She is extremely close friends with Robin. She has a bit of a temper however and she spends so much time battling, that shes has trouble socializing which makes Robin her only truly close friend. Type: Fire Pokemon: Arcanine lvl 54 Rapidash lvl 54 Torkoal lvl 54 Magmortar lvl 54 Darmanitan lvl 55 Powerhouse: Ninetails lvl 58 Badge: Hiken Badge Tm: Flame Charge