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Originally Posted by MIAU View Post
Hey, speaking of Tympole, am I the only one who imagined Tympole really, really tiny? Like it would fit in your hand? Because apparently he's supposed to be 0.5 m (1'08"). That's taller than Pikachu, huh.
wow..i though it would be smaller than palm and it turns out to be taller than pikachu

Originally Posted by MIAU View Post
Well, we even have an ability that's based on the Pokemon's cuteness: Cute Charm. And then there's Fake Tears and Attract. Remember Emolga from the anime? All adorable and winking and blowing kisses? Ash's Oshawott always fell for that. Now that's what I call being cute for fun and profit
^ this answers the question for was the first thing that came to my mind other than this i cant think else tbqh