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I know a fair few people are happy about these changes that Microsoft have made; I am too, because it shows all the other companies that the industry and the people DON'T WANT these restrictions forced upon themselves. It isn't healthy to have to, for example, connected to the internet every 24 hours or you can't play games any more. It doesn't make logical and gaming sense.

I really, really hope people who think this is an amazing change, realise that they haven't listened directly to your feedback; they have listened to Gamestop, Amazon and other companies that have been taking pre-orders, or there lack off.
I completely understand that Microsoft have to do what's best for their profit, they are a business after all and I can't knock them for that, but what I knock them for is bigging up this idea, this dream of the future and then, so suddenly, turn their back on it because their pre-orders are bad. If Microsoft felt so strongly over this future, then they should have stuck with it. Maybe that is a contradiction to my sentence on 'MS being a business', but the gaming industry doesn't forget quickly.

The majority of gamers are now saying that it is too late for MS, that they are still the company that tried to force these restrictions on people and are now just bailing on the ideas because of their stock. Not saying everyone feels like this, just what the majority of people are saying.

For me, it doesn't affect me, as I was sold on the PS4 at E3 and I am still not interested in the Xbox One, due to the price and the Kinect still being a gimmick, in my opinion.
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