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What exactly classifies a Pokemon as a normal type? Are there pokemon that aren't normal type that you think should be?

As most people already mentioned, what makes them Normal types, is basically the fact that they're "normal". A lot of them are based on real-life animals, however it also seems as though it's the go-to typing for Pokemon that just don't really fit in anywhere, so while not all of them are based on animals and other creatures we're familiar with, they make up like 90% of Normal types. And I kinda agree with Regeneration here, that most of them actually don't have anything special to them, but some of the most special Pokemon in my opinion are also Normal types, so it's kinda mixed. I mean, Pokemon like Eevee, Castform and the Porygon line are definitely special with their unique evolutions and abilities, so yeah, can't claim that all of them aren't special.

But yeah, just because they aren't based on some kind of awesome mythological, it doesn't mean they're any less cool ;) Pidgey ftw!
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