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Originally Posted by Okazaki~Tomoya View Post
Thanks for the help with dragonite.

here are the specifications for Feebas

Feebas Lv.1 (Shiny If at all possible)
Bold Nature
IV characterisitcs. Capable of taking hits.
No nickname
Ability: Cute charm
Gender Female
Egg moves: Mirror Coat, Hypnosis

Thanks :]
Thanks for the request! I'm not quite sure it's possible to get Mirror Coat and Hypnosis on the same Feebas without hacking (nullifying online usability). The closest possible egg move combo that I've found is going to be confuse ray and mirror coat. Let me know if this is acceptable, or let me know of a breeding combo to get the egg moves if you know of one. Everything else should be good to go! For IV's, "Capable of taking hits." is somewhat of an aesthetic thing, and doesn't really effect battle performance, so I will try to find it, but if not it will just be flawless or close to it in terms of 31/31/31/31/31/31.

Here is a link for reference to what I was looking at:

Did a google search for: "feebas mirror coat hypnosis"

Let me know your thoughts, thanks!
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