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    HAHAHA.. "They are removing DRM".. but they forgot to add "..for now."
    It's all a plea.
    Basically.. they're fooling people. They're going to re-enable it at a later date, no doubt. If feedback actually mattered, then they would've made the appeal to change and done a lot more damage control at E3.

    Just because they said they are not keeping the "Always Online" thing, how are they really gonna flip all that hard-coding around in time for November? I mean.. really? At first it was only going to work in 21 countries and even only 21 states, and now what? How exactly is that policy going to change? How are they going to get ratings in-time for launch? How are they going to properly localize it?
    So many things to think about. They can't just flip on a switch and make it available. This ALSO will make a lot of people angry because it means a LOT more overtime work.

    I feel sorry for their outsourcing companies. They are going to lose so much money because of horrible executive decisions from higher-ups.
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