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    Originally Posted by czen29 View Post
    cool .. battle rooms are very useful ) i can train and train my pokemon more without bush grinding ) and dafuq i wasted my 50bp on a magikarp XD acts of my careless gaming hahaha :D
    and p.s. is that ?????? thing worth 9999bp obtainable ?? any clues on what is it ?? hehe
    Yeah, like aka4794 said, you migth want to buy that "thing" sometime in the game. Whatever it may be...

    Originally Posted by shreyanshvalentino View Post
    what is meant by active/normal battle mode???
    There are two battle modes in normal pokemon silver - Shift and Set. "Normal" battle mode is simply "Shift" mode from the original version, but "Active" battle mode is an asm hack to "Set" mode to add another simple functionality. It won't make a big difference to "Set" mode though.

    Also thanks, aka4794, for answering some of these questions! I'm actually even a bit bored of replying to everything.
    There are threads of the hack elsewhere as well, and besides, I've also gotten private messages asking lots of different stuff.

    And what comes to that thing, I'm planning to make a video containing information about all kinds of secrets and sidequests of the game (no one this far has found them all, that I can say for sure!). That's mostly for describing how to finish all the sidequests and that kind of stuff, so that there wouldn't have to be that much explaining to do
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