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View on climate change
Threat or not, it's something that I think at this point is going to happen, no matter what we do. This isn't the first time it's happened to the Earth either. Maybe we'll adapt and maybe we won't, and as much as I'd hate for many species today to die off because of it, part of me feels that climate change will pave the way for natural selection. In other words, part of me feels that by trying to prevent it from happening, we're preventing species (including ourselves) from adapting and bettering ourselves from it. Now, that's just a possibility; climate change could very well kill everything. Who knows? But at this point, I'm not too worried about it. Sucks for any animals that can't adapt, though, but comes and goes. And if I can't adapt and die, so what? Dead is dead. I'll cross the bridge of death when it comes.

Do you keep up with the news?
I only read the news online at times when I'm bored. Other than that, not really. I actually had to stop paying attention for a time because everything was pissing me off too much.
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