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Oh I see what you're getting at. What I meant is that I don't think the particulars of the food matters much. I can eat a cup of brown rice, or I can eat a 3/4 cup of white rice + 1/4 cup of all brans. Normally the advice is to avoid refined carbs, but to me the two are more or less equivalent: They both have around 200 calories, and they both have a bit of fibre and other mineral goodies. So one person might say avoid this, avoid that, but I would say it doesn't matter what kind of food you're eating, all that matters is that you're hitting your nutritional targets. Fenneking, does this make sense? Otherwise I've been doing something wrong all this time XD.

If you don't want to lose weight then you can bulk up and lose fat at the same time or just bulk up. Either way, the ratio is going to change - either the muscle is bigger and presses harder against the fat so you see it better, or you work off some layers of fat so it's easier to see the muscle. Or a combination of both. I know "bulk up" doesn't sound very ladylike, but whatever. I'm "firming" myself right now, mostly by losing fat and weight because I don't have access to weights so I can't really make my muscles bigger that quickly. You're not interested in losing weight, so you'll probably do the opposite of what I'm doing.

June 20

Today's workout: Really poopy day. I got through all my sets of pushups, but only got through 3/5 sets of crunches. Couldn't concentrate for more than a set of my bicep rice curls.

I tried a 12 minute run but I felt dizzy by 7:33 in. I decided to make up the rest of the workout by doing interval training. I had just recently updated Endomondo after a long time, and it appears that you need to be connected to the internet, not only to see the default workouts, but also to save your own (why? what is the point of that?). So I ended up just doing it all by ear staying far within my comfort zone because today was just not the day. I ended up doing cardio for 56 minutes, so yay.

Lesson learned: listen to your body. Six months ago I would probably decided to run all 12 minutes, and then run for another half hour, just to bust one of my knees and make my muscles out of commission for two weeks. If I sleep alright, I'll hopefully be ready to bike on Saturday. OH I'm kayaking that day so yaaaay.

Also, I have discovered my new thing. Running to gangsta rap is the best feeling when you're running half the speed you're used to. But probably not good on a good workout day, that would be just too much intensity.

June 22

Today's workout: 2:40 of kayaking!!!!! Arms are tired as hell. No pushups, and perhaps not even golf for the next few days.

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