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[assistance=Your Application Status]
(OK) - Your club entry form has been accepted and Will be processed. You have been queued up to be added to the list as I can do so. Please check for (Taken) and reply if you have an X next to your name in the OP and choose a different Pokemon
(OK)done - You have been added to the OP.
(MP) - Due to low post count and a massive number of registrations, I ask that you please confirm your membership by making ONE more participating post to make sure that you are here. All members are welcome regardless of postcount but I won't be adding people who post their form and never return. I will keep your application on file for a while so that if you come back I can add you quickly. If you claimed a pokemon first, you will have priority to it if you return before someone else OK'ed asks for it.
(Taken) - Your Pokemon Choice was already taken by another member, please choose another pokemon. Applications with this status are (OK) usually and you will simply be added without a pokemon next to your name until you get back to me on your choice.[/assistance]

Grand Application Catchup List: Please check the application list!!! UPDATED LIST AGAIN! PLEASE RECHECK

Name: Steve (OK)done
NAME: hiinotama (OK)done
Name: Iloveeevee (OK)done
Name: Nickle4aPickle (OK)done
Name: tabor62 (OK)done
Name: Gym Leader Rozu (OK)done
Name: Narnia (OK)done
Name: CloysterOyster (OK)done


Name: trotz59 (MP)
Two cute Pokemon: Roserade and Squirtle
Partner Pokemon: Lily the Roserade
Okay so I know Roserade is a fully evolved Pokemon, which typically takes away from the pokemon a cuteness since evolution usually increases power and decreases cuteness, but I think Roserade is just sooo adorable. It's even it's own love poem with its flowers. Roserade is also one of my
All time favorite pokemon
As for Squirtle, I find to be a generally adorable little turtle, and my first Pokemon ever.

Name: TenaciousWolf (MP)
Two cute Pokemon: Shinx and Joltik
Partner Pokemon: Shyla the Joltik

Username: AnonygooseD (OK)
2 cute pokes: Chikorita & Cyndaquil
Partner: Cyndaquil (Taken)

Name: optionalpirate (MP)
Two cute Pokemon: I think all Pokémon are cute in their own way, so asking me to choose two is like asking me to kill myself. >.< Anyway, two? Alright-y then, Ninetales and... Sure, why not? Abra, get your cute butt over here!
Partner Pokemon: Tweety Bird the Murkrow. Because I can.

Name: Tournoiement (MP)
Two cute Pokemon: Shaymin and MEW~
Partner Pokemon: MEW!

Name: Cheezburgur5793 (MP)
Two cute Pokemon: vulpix and growlithe
Partner Pokemon: Tails the vulpix

Name: Regeneration (OK)
Two cute Pokemon: Pikachu and Victini
Partner Pokemon: Pikachu (Taken)

Name: Skyblue (MP)
Two Cute Pokemon: Vanillite and Litwick
Partner Pokemon: Vanillite

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