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    Hello, My name is Mason, and I'm a noob when it comes to Game Development and Rom Hacking. But I have an idea for a game, and I wanna see it happen. So if you have any Ideas or if you'd like to make this idea become reality, just reply to the thread.

    Basically, you are a teenager living in a small farm town called Coopertown. When one day, the water used for the farm kills all the plants and Pokemon on the farm, and it turns out an evil organization named Team Toxic has been polluting all the water in Kerba (the Region you live in). Your Dad lets you choose from the last 3 Pokemon alive on the farm and tells you to run away and train to defeat Team Toxic.

    I Need Your Help!
    Please, Please, Please Help me make this dream come true. I could use, well just about everything from a Spriter to a Scripter. But don't be fooled and think that I'm just trying to get other people to make a game for me. I look forward to learning how to do everything that's required to make a game.
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