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Originally Posted by Sabrewulf238 View Post
You didn't really read what I said. What you said only accounts for number 2 on my list of possibilities.

What I'm talking about in possibility number 1 is that if you have a Water/Electric dual type move, if a dual type attack means combining the effect of each type into one turn (rather than two seperate turns)....

So a Water/Electric type attack would hit a Ground type pokemon super effectively because of the Water part of the attack rather than the Electric part.

For all we know a dual type attack could just be two attacks of different types occurring in the same turn. So first up you have the water damage...and then the electric damage follows. Like using doubleslap where each individual slap is a different type.

We don't know how dual types will work right now. So at this point it's just a guessing game.
So all of a sudden you're suggesting that the Water/Electric type moves ignore the immunity that Ground types have and strike them anyway? I'm sorry, but that just doesn't make any sense to me whatsoever, which is precisely what I highlighted in my post. That's like saying, if a move (let's make an example out of Shadow Punch) were to be Ghost/Fighting, and it'll allow it to strike ghosts anyway for super-effective. What about the Fighting part? You've never really covered that in your post, it can't just be ignored, iirc.

...Even as we continue to debate this, this is precisely why I disagree with dual-types because it'll just add unnecessary clutter to battles, no more no less. The mechanics behind them would just be too mind-boggling and it's something I personally would rather be without.

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