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I'm glad that China is finally taking somewhat of a decent initiative towards trying to reduce the amount of emissions/pollution emanating through its region. I don't necessarily agree that violators should face execution for contributing to the pollution, but their government could increase the penalties they have now to, let's say, higher fines, (more) jail time, if they even have any of those penalties now. I've never been to China, but I've seen pictures and it looks really, really bad. I feel terrible for those who have to live through that each and every day because I have asthma myself, and being able to not have clean air to take in is one of the most terrible feelings. Hopefully the major industries in the country will respond positively towards all this new legislation, because money for them is obviously their biggest concern, and these companies put profits above the environment any chance they get. Let's hope all this legislation gets the country's air a bit cleaner for the sake of the people in China and for the sake of this lovely planet we live on.
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