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- Iris gets mad because Ash falls on the flowers that fell out of her hair. xD;
- Dunsparce flaps its itty bitty wings! Best episode, right?! <3
- All of their facial expressions rock. I'm impressed with what the anime has become. :o
- The guys are bummed. Pikachu knows how to stay cheery, though.
- Iris why you spit out apples. Why you guys fighting again. D:
- The apples really are nasty lol. You got some apologizing to do, Ash!
- CHARIZARD WHAT I must have missed this.
- Scraggy is so sweet when it's looking for Iris. x3;;
- Kibago so sad. ;;
- Ash you're terrible and most of your Pokemon hate you. :)
- Kibago SAD. :((
- Your Pokemon are preparing you for your adventure. :D
- Jessie and James had quite a fancy moment. :O
- Iris saved 'em, awesome then. Team Rocket sure does get owned easily.
- More flowers and apples, hmm?

It was an alright episode. I'm disappointed that they never ran back into the Dunsparce. I waited the entire 20 minutes to see that lil bugger again. :P This episode would mean a lot more to me if I actually watched the BW episodes, haha. .-.
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