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Originally Posted by MedicineMan View Post
Love the beta! Almost finished playing it.
Could anyone tell me how you're supposed to get Zapdos? I've been chasing the damn thing around forever but can't corner it.
And what comes to chasing Zapdos, there is ~20% chance (I remember it being lower when I first build this script, but I think I modified to be around 20% later) it will run up the stairs when it's flown next to them (upper-right corner). When it has done that, it won't try to escape you anymore (had this in mind from the start too.
Not like it would have totally gone away but disappeared for a while and attacked you by surprise or something. *would have made the player think "Not again....").

Originally Posted by tifaluv View Post
Oh wow it's finally in a near complete version! Nice downloading now
Well actually, there is a high chance there will still be beta 5 before the complete release. But beta 4 is really far in the development already so try it out and see how it is
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