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The Vs. Recorder

The Vs. Recorder was introduced in Pokemon Platinum and given to you by a man from the International Police under the code name of Looker when you first entered Jubilife City with Dawn/Lucas. In Heartgold and Soulsilver, you can obtain it from either Ethan/Lyra before you enter Violet City.

The Vs. Recorder is used to record battles, whether they may be with your friends or even you battling the Battle Tycoons or any trainer roaming around in the Battle Frontier. Once you record a battle, you can then upload it to the Global Terminal Station for other trainers to see and save onto their own recorders. So a few questions for you now:

How often did you record battles on your VS. Recorder, were they mainly Battle Frontier Battles/ Wi-fi Battles?

Did you ever upload any of them to the GTS?

What did you think about the item's concept?

Feel free to throw in any other pieces of info that you'd like to share. And without further ado, discuss!
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