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    Rupert Milton Banks, nicknamed: Banks || 16 y/o || Male

    Appearance: Rupert Milton Banks, or Banks as his friends were apt to call him, stands at an average height of 5'10", although the growth spurt most kids of his age have experienced have not yet kicked in. He is crowned with a jet-black hair, shoulder-length of course, that is always kept in a ponytail. Banks was growing the hair since he was fourteen years old but, being a guy, the rate of lengthening is too slow. His chestnut-brown eyes were partially hidden behind his horn-rimmed glasses. He has a thin and curvy mouth, accentuated by a deep dimple in his right cheek and a shallower one on his left. There is a thin stubble of hair growing on his chin. He's somewhere between average-looking and extremely handsome.

    Despite being under the legal age (although several artists work with underage people), Banks loved the idea of him being tattooed. Of course, he could not get a proper one without his parent's consent until he is eighteen years old. However, Banks managed to sneak in a small tattoo of an Braviary in flight on his back. It is seldom seen as he tends to hide it under his clothings. The tattoo is a really good piece of art and Banks says that it represents his ascent to freedom, whatever that means.

    His wardrobe consists mostly of plain-colored T-shirts and jeans. Banks' usual attire is the said T-shirt, a jeans, and a thick leather jacket with the image of a Gyarados or a Weavile, his parents' signature Pokemon. He wore a simple silver bracelet on his right hand which he claimed he have not removed for three years already, around the time he started growing his hair.

    Personality: Banks is a fairly sociable guy. Ever since he was young, people tend to flock to him because of his natural charm. He's the type of guy who people look up to to make the crucial decisions. However, responsibilty is usually thrust into himself, despite his rejection of the duty. Whenever he faces a heavy responsibility, he tends to ignore it up until the right moment when he make big decisions in the nick of time. Fortunately for him, and others, it was usually the correct one.

    Banks is also kind of a rebel. When he was young, he was a little terror in Pokemon School, breaking rules and just generally bullying the other kids. When he grew up, he kind of matured and got over his bullying days. However, his tendency to break several socially-constructed rules of conduct still exists within him, as seen by his long hair and his tattoo.

    As a prospective trainer, he had his path laid out for him. From the start, he wanted to train a variety of Pokemon and not lock himself into a single-type. He planned on a laid-back adventure, with really few grinding and more of catching Pokemon. However, he still has some plans to train his main Pokemon so that they will still be in battling quality. (I mean, Pokemon are friends. The more the merrier as they say.)

    All in all, Banks is a guy who likes to have fun and goof around but is also a dependable guy, past his flaws.

    History: (retold in Banks' point of view, so expect a first-person naration)

    Oh, hey. Hi. I hope you didn't wait for too long in there? I need to pack a few more things for the journey. So, what'd you want of me? An interview? Well, I never thought this journey would be my stepping stone to success. What? This is just to see if I am fit for the journey? Of course, I am fit. The Professor chose me right? What'd you want to know? Who am I? Well, I am Rupert Milton Banks, although my friends called me Banks back in Pokemon School. What'd else? Wait. You want to know everything? As in, from the start? Oh well. This could be a long story.

    Anyway, hi. I am Banks. I was raised in the beautiful region of Johto, in the small city of Mahogany. My parents were trainers too, although they were Hoenn natives. Each of them were average trainers: my mother earned six badges before she got tired of the journey, and my father being in the top 36 of the Pokemon League when he competed. Well, enough of my parents. Being raised in the Mahogany City, I was sent to the Pokemon School in the city and did extra hours of Pokemon training with the gym leader after school. This kind of set-up went on for a few years, from when I was ten years old until my graduation when I was fourteen. Well, training under the gym leader certainly prepared me for the journey. My father expected me to become an Ice-type trainer because of my training but I did not show any specific interest in the said type. Well, I wanted to be an all-around trainer. I just wanted to train with my favorite Pokemon.

    Anyway, unlike most trainers, I never dreamt of becoming the Pokemon Champion. Well, it's nice to follow the footsteps of other more powerful trainers (like that guy who was said to train in Mt. Silver. I mean, whoa) but I think it is better if I try to complete the Pokedex for one. Hold your horses, I know it is practically impossible during the beginning of my journey as I need to focus on fewer Pokemon to train before I expand my horizon but, hey. The completion of my Pokedex would be a long-term goal. Let's start off with a full team of six Pokemon, have a few Pokemon for back-up, collect the badges, participate if needed in the Pokemon League, not go cry if I lose, then collect the other species I have left throughout my journey. Well, that at least, is my plan.

    The beginning of my Pokemon training is a great opportunity for me. Not for the Pokemon collection thing, although it would help, but with my lifelong dream of becoming independent. I wanted to be free from my parents' control over me (I'm not a bitter kid. I was just really bounded by their rules) and society itself. I want to do what my heart wants to do, you know? I'm an idealist and an optimist. I also like to think of myself as kind of a rebel, although in a more subtle way.

    Well, I think that's all I have to say for myself. Wait, more? What else do you want to know? Oh, no. I don't really have an answer yet to "Who's my favorite Pokemon?" The only Pokemon I have ever interacted with is my Mom's Weavile, my father's Gyarados, and the Seel I occasionally snuck put from the gym after training hours. Plus the countless Swinub I had already mock-battled.

    I have to leave. My father is going with me towards Newbark Town and the travel time is pretty long and uncomfortable as we have to ride his Pidgeot. Have I already mentioned uncomfortable?

    - 4 Pokeballs





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