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    A/N: So here we are with the first chapter. Now, we are in the present time, let's read on shall we?

    Chapter 1:

    The Boy With No Memory

    Running was all it could do.

    It didn't know where it was going; all it knew was that it had to get away from that place.

    As it ran, it could hear the barks and screams of nearby threats that had been closing in on it's location. With haste, it sprinted faster and faster while dripping sweat from it's forehead to signify how long it had been on pursuit.

    The moonlight that was cast over the grassy plains illuminated the scenery, and revealed the shadow's of it's pursuers.

    "Don't let it escape!" a husky voice screamed from the opposite direction.

    Swiftly, it picked up it's pace, ignoring it's current surroundings until it tripped over a rock that had been laying there and began tumbling down a hill. It continued to fall down until it landed into the river. Knowing that it would be found out if it emerged now, it hid underwater and waited for its followers to disappear.

    The pursuers arrived and scanned the area for their run away target but to their annoyance, they came up empty.

    "Blast it! We let it get away" one of the shadowed images exclaimed as he held the flash light. Next to these pursuers, were two canine type Pokemon that had been snarling since the target they had been chasing had got away.

    Annoyingly, the two began to walk away from the scene until they were nowhere in sight. Little did they know however, that the Pokemon that they had been searching for laid in the lake.

    As soon as the coast was clear, the Pokemon veered it's head up and quickly looked in all directions to confirm it's safety. Confirming this, it leaped up from the water, unfortunately dripping wet also, and continued on it's path away from "that" place. It's fatigue had begun to catch up to it due to the fact that it began to pant more and more with each step it took.

    The stinging sensation that became more noticeable as the seconds passed became a problem for the small Pokemon, so it held on to it's petite right arm to at least reduce the damage. It suddenly stopped running and turned its head around and stared intensely at the tall building that lied only a couple of miles away.

    "Rogue!" the Pokemon growled as it raised its weakened arm while glaring the building down.

    It continued to run towards the forest that was overshadowed with pitch black. The forest possessed a terrifying atmosphere and did not look as welcoming as the forests that appeared in broad day light.

    With no other choice, the Pokemon decided to venture inside the mysterious green land, as it needed a place to rest and recover it's strength. It had no idea where it was going or what it was going do; however it also knew that no matter what happened, it had to survive at any cost. It had made a promise, a promise that it was going to keep without fail.


    In Twinleaf town, the beginning of a few new trainers in the Sinnoh Region, a sudden burst of light abruptly appeared in the sky, which alerted the attention of a woman who was nearby in the forest picking some berries.

    She was of average height and was wearing a white shirt and blue tights that had an orange apron on the front. Her hair also was in the form of an afro and she wore a red pin on the right side of her head.

    "What in the world is that?" the woman thought as she held her elbow in front of her eyes to shield them from the bright light. A crack began to form around the light and suddenly, it blasted itself into the direction of the woman.

    "It's coming this way!" she mentally screamed as she began to run in the opposite direction. The light that soon engulfed the entire dimmed forest, finally crash landed a few metres behind the woman, which created a huge crater.

    The woman squealed quite loudly as she was blown a great distance ahead of the crater and landed on her front. It wasn't the most graceful way for a woman to land, but she managed to avoid sustaining any injuries.

    The crash had managed to shake up the entire forest at where it had landed. The residential Pokemon that inhabited the forests had begun to shake and scurry around trying to avoid the landing site.

    As the woman opened her eyes she began coughing at the amount of dust that the crater had made.

    "What...was that…" she managed to say as she stood up from the collision. She walked over towards the crater with caution and peered her head into the centre. The radius of the crash wasn't enormous but it still made quite a land mark.

    Her eyes widened quite a bit as she examined what was in the crater closely. As the dust settled, the figure of a human came into sight. The woman rubbed her eyes with her arms and tried to deny the possibility that the crash earlier was made by a living person.

    As she released her hands from her eyes and looked once again at the centre, she dropped her basket which contained different types of berries and stood their speechless.

    For in that crater, was a young teenager who looked no older than fifteen years of age.

    He was quite tall for his supposed age, reaching a height of about six feet and had outrageously long hair that was coloured mostly brown with black edges which reached all the way down to his hips.

    When was the last time someone gave him a hair cut?

    He was wearing a traditional Japanese martial arts outfit which was coloured black but had yellow outlines. The most noticeable thing about the boy wasn't his unfamiliar outfit, or even his outrageously long hair, it was on his right arm. For some reason, there was a pitch black item that covered all of his right arm up to the elbow.

    Was it a fashion sense? Did he lose his arm in an accident and had to get it replaced?

    All of these thoughts processed through the woman's head as she gazed upon the boy. She quickly realized that he must have been injured from the earlier collision, if he was alive for that matter. With caution, she made her way down the crater trying not to slip on any of the rocks and had reached the boy. She bent down and examined his body several times over looking for any signs of injury.

    Worried, she rested her head upon his chest and waited to see if she could feel if he still had a heartbeat. After a couple of seconds, she heard a faint but still beating thump emitting from his chest.

    She sighed in relief. It looked as if the boy had not been critically injured. Apart from the dirty stains on his outfit, dust that was encased around his face, and unusually sweet scent; he seemed to be fine. She reached into her pocket and pulled out a red ball the size of a sugar cube with a circle in the middle and clicked it. The ball suddenly grew three times its size.

    "Come Glameow!" she said as she threw the ball into the air. The ball opened up and a grey cat like creature appeared from the dazzling white light.

    "Nya!" that cat purred as its springy tail that looked as if someone had twisted it several times around themselves, bounced up and down.

    "Glameow, I need you to help me carry this boy to the house" she asked as she looked at the pokemon. That cat purred once again to show that it understood and headed towards the boys legs.

    The woman proceeded to lift the boy up and placed him into a piggy back style position while Glameow kept his legs from dragging. He was not as heavy as she had expected but he still wasn't a light weight to carry.

    They made their way out of the crater and headed towards the woman's house that wasn't too far away from the crash. She entered her home and carried the boy all the way towards an empty room located on the second floor. She placed the boy down onto the bed that was already there and covered him with a blanket.

    "Let's wait for him to recover, and then we'll ask him about what happened" the woman addressed the cat to which it purred understandingly.

    As she walked out of the room with her small cat pet, she turned her head around slightly and gazed upon the sleeping boy's face. She didn't know what is was but there was something about the boy that seemed awfully familiar.

    A couple of days passed by with the boy showing no signs of waking up….that is until…

    "Ugh…" the boy said weakly as his eyes began to twitch open.

    Without warning, his eyes swiftly opened wide and he arose from the bed gripping his torso. As he breathed heavily with sweat dripping from his head, he blinked several times as he tried to regain his senses. He then looked around his unfamiliar surroundings and noticed at the blanket in front of him.

    "Where… I?" he quietly said. He hadn't recognized this place at all; it was fairly small room with a few windows on the sides and a fresh scent to it.

    It was as if someone had planted a garden inside of it.

    As the boy pondered what to make of this, the same gray cat from earlier had come into his room with a food tray on its back. The boy noticed this and looked at it with careful eyes.

    "Is that a…Pokemon?" he thought as he stared deeply at the cat. He hadn't recognized this pokemon, not from what his memory could remember that is.

    The cat noticed that they boy had awakened and was startled by his sudden glare. It stopped what it was doing and glared right back at him. The two stared at one another with the cat giving him subtle hints in its eyes that it wasn't food.

    They continued to stare at each other for what seemed to be an endless amount of time, until the cat's owner walked into the room, wanting to know what was keeping her feline friend.

    "Glameow, what's the ma-"she was about to say, but noticed that the boy had awoken.

    "Oh, you're finally awake!" she exclaimed happily.

    "That's good I thought you were planning on sleeping forever" she jokingly continued as smiled and walked over towards the boy.

    The boy was slightly startled by her sudden presence and shifted backwards a bit. Who exactly was this woman? He assumed that she was the caretaker of this place and did not want to be disrespectful, so he tried to show his gratitude.

    "Thank you for taking care of me, I appreciate your care" he managed to say while bowing his head.

    As he arose, his thought was ended early as the woman rested her forehead on top of his. He slightly blushed at this, and moved back a little.

    What the hell was that for? Why did she just randomly rest her head on mine? Was she trying to do some kind of brain telepathy? Various thoughts rambled through the boy's head until he decided to let his words explain the situation.

    "W-What are you doing?" he asked, surprised at her close proximity. He noticed that the woman was quite pretty so it was most likely because of this that he was shy.

    "What's wrong? I was just checking If you still had a fever" she replied while having a confused look on her face

    The cat just purred happily while sending the boy a subtle hint that it was laughing at him. He snickered in annoyance and looked the other way.

    "This damn cat…" he thought, annoyed by the cat's sly behaviour.

    "Now now Glameow, it's not nice to tease him like that" she said as she looked down at the pokemon. The cat also turned the other way and frowned a bit. She then looked back at the boy.

    "Why don't you use the shower and come downstairs, I have something I want to ask you" she said and with that she left the room with the cat, but not before she picked up the food on its back and placed it onto one of the desks near the bed.

    The boy looked back at the food and glared it down. A noise abruptly erupted from his stomach, and he rubbed it with his hand. He knew what that meant.

    "Guess it can't be helped" he thought and picked up the food and began eating. It was surprisingly good and he felt his strength coming back to him. After that, he had gotten up and headed into the bathroom. Twenty minutes had passed and he emerged from his room with nothing on but a towel.

    "Now…where are my clothes…" he pondered as he looked around the previous room, but then noticed that the window was open and looked out of it. To his surprise, all of his clothes were being hung on a lengthy white line that extended over from a fence to another fence.

    "Did that woman do this?" he said silently wondering how his clothes ended up there. A smirk began to form on his face and he placed his leg on the window's ledge and his arm on the top. He had to admit, for someone he had never met, she was surprisingly thoughtful.

    Downstairs, the woman had been cleaning some dishes in the sink and humming happily. She looked outside the window and to her shock she witnessed something quite out of the ordinary. The boy had jumped from his window and landed onto the grass perfectly.

    How in the world did he do such a thing? Sure, it wasn't a ten foot drop and would definitely not have taken his life but still, for someone who had just awoken to be performing such feats was quite a sight to behold. Johanna had come to the idea that judging from the way he had been dressed that he was a type of martial artist.

    As she thought about this, she then noticed the reason why he had jumped and what he was after. The boy removed his towel and proceeded to change into his outfit in broad day light.

    She continued to look at the boy and for some strange reason began giggling. It was actually quite cute to see a boy of his age and appearance put on his clothes like a child. The neighbours and townsfolk walked by a few times and tried their best to ignore the naked teenager that was changing in front of their eyes. A little boy who was walking with his mother stopped and looked at him and tucked his mother's shirt.

    "Mommy, why is that guy naked?" he asked innocently and to his confusion his mother covered his eyes and continued walking in a hurry. After the boy had finished changing into his clothes he jumped right back up and tightened the laces on his pants and his vest.

    "Alright, I'm ready to go" he said happily as he was now ready and willing to take on anything.


    He put his arm onto his chin and tried to think of what he was supposed to do next. What exactly was he supposed to do? He didn't really remember much of where he had come from or what exactly he was doing prior to being found by the woman, but he felt as if he was missing something very important from his memory.

    "Hey!" a voice spoke from the house. The boy turned around to see the woman waving at him.

    "Once you're done over there, come inside, I made you some great pie" she yelled. The boy merely scoffed at the thought of being treated like a kid but he couldn't deny his urge to eat something again. He couldn't help it, he had an extreme appetite. After he had come inside and settled down in the living room, the woman brought him a slice of pie and a water bottle.

    "I am in your debt again" he said as he bowed his head. Even though he was stubborn, he had an instinctive urge to show elderly woman respect.

    "My, what a polite young man you are" she said as she sat down across from him. As they began eating, the boy couldn't stop looking around the house at all of the trophies, plaques, and certificates that were hung all over the living room. The woman noticed this and giggled.

    "So…" the woman began, which in turn caused the boy to focus his attention on her.

    "I haven't caught your name yet have I?" she said with a smile, intrigued as to what this boy's name was.

    He had stopped eating his slice of pie and looked at her with a serious expression. He began to speak his mind trying to answer the woman's question.

    "Ryu…" is all that came out of his mouth.

    Ryu? That's a name that was quite new to her ears. Johanna sighed reassuringly. At least she was able to get a name from the mysterious boy. She had never come across anyone with such an enticing name, but hey who was she to judge?.

    "That's quite a name you have there" she remarked as she put down her coffee. Wanting to know more about his caretaker, Ryu asked a similar question.

    "May I know your name Ma'am?" he asked, slightly looking away. The woman was quite taken back by this, she expected him to ask who she was, but she never expected it to be in such an adorable way.

    "It's Johanna" she replied. Ryu looked at her and then he also smiled.

    "You also possess a nice name" he mustered towards her.

    "So where do you live? she asked.

    Ryu glanced at her for a moment and then looked down at his slice of pie.

    "Live?" he repeated to himself. He had absolutely no idea where he lived. Why couldn't he remember where he had come from? It was so frustrating to know nothing about where you come from.

    " not know" he quietly said. His expression had indicated that answering that question had affected him. Johanna looked at him sympathetically.

    "Your parents? Siblings? Pokemon?".

    All Ryu was able to do was shake his head in disagreement. Johanna's heart nearly melted at the thought of a boy, no older than fifteen years of age not having any memories of his parents.

    "All I am able to remember is that my name is Ryu" he mustered out.

    "So, you don't even know what kind of world we live in?" she asked.

    Ryu looked and nodded his head. "Well, I know what Pokemon are but, that's just about how far the train goes up here" he said while pointing towards the top of his head.

    Johanna couldn't believe what she had just heard. There was someone in this world who did not even know the basics of Pokemon? This was outrageous, especially for someone his age. Johanna had made up her mind, she swiftly got up from her seat and placed both of her hands on the table. Ryu was startled by her sudden movement and moved back a bit.

    "I'll jam all of the basics into your head!" she announced with a newly found resolve to help the uninformed youth.

    Johanna explained to him that this was her house in Twin Leaf town, and that he was in the Sinnoh Region. She also explained to him the difference between trainers and coordinators. Although the two meanings were relatively the same in the concept of raising Pokemon, their paths shifted at a certain point.

    Trainers followed the path of battle and wanted their Pokemon to become strong combatants that competed in Gym Battles. Coordinators on the other hand strived to make their Pokemon more elegant and competed in Pokemon Contests.

    As the hours went by, Ryu began to understand so many magnificent things about the world he never knew about. However, even though this was the first time he had heard about it, he was certain that somewhere in his mind, he definitely had heard of these things. Johanna stared at Ryu multiple times while she explained the fundamentals of Pokemon.

    As she looked at him, she examined his bizarre clothing and shockingly long hair. Who was this boy? She couldn't just grasp the fact that he had come from the sky and just happened to land in the forest. She thought about how he could be an alien from another planet, and that he was going to pull out some sort of alien zap ray but quickly shook off this silly idea and returned to drinking her coffee.

    Ryu was fascinated with her tales of how she became a top coordinator and the challenges that she and Glameow had faced on their journeys. He began to admire her whole heartedly; not just because she was incredibly caring, but also because she was a strong woman at that. After she had told him stories about her past, she was curious to see if she could help him remember anything about where he had come from.

    They tried several different methods such as showing him her past photos and even taking him outside and meeting some of the people in the town, but to no luck. They returned home and began to run out of ideas.

    "I'm sorry that I couldn't be of any help today, Ryu" she said with a frown as she sat on her couch with Glameow on her lap. Ryu looked at her from his seat on the other couch and tried to cheer her up.

    "What are you talking about? You've already done so much for me Johanna" he exclaimed as he arose from his seat. He showed her a toothy grin to show her that he was fine and that it wasn't her fault. She had done more than enough by taking care of him.

    Johanna was slightly surprised at this, at how innocent and sincere his smile was. As she was about to say something, her phone rang. She got up from her seat and took the call.

    Glameow, that had been sitting on her lap up until this point, sprang up and purred at Ryu in which he responded by sticking his tongue out. Enraged, Glameow made an attack for Ryu and collided with his face. A battle emerged between the two of them for absolutely no reason.

    Johanna looked at them and smiled, noting how this reminded her of how her daughter used to do that with Glameow as well. The phone stopped ringing and the other line became connected.

    "Hello?" she asked.

    "Johanna, it's been awhile" the rough sounding voice came from the other end.

    "Oh my, Professor Rowan how long has it been since we've last spoken" she remarked, recognizing who the voice came from.

    "Yes it has been quite some time. I just called to let you know that your daughter has received her first pokemon from me and has begun her trip" the professor annonced, while sounding proud of her accomplishment.

    Johanna grew excited and thanked the professor for what he had done. She had been worried about her daughter due to the fact that she had always been quite a clumsy girl. Ryu and Glameow stopped play fighting and noticed Johanna's happiness. Ryu was glad that she was happy as she didn't look as pretty when she wasn't smiling. His happiness however, quickly descended into disgust as Glameow bit his right ear. Ryu winced at the pain of having his ear bitten by this "demonic cat".

    "That hurts! Take this!" he screamed and he began squeezing Glameow's tail around his body, which caused Glameow to purr out in pain as well.

    Round two had begun.

    Ignoring them, Johanna gleefully continued to ask about her daughter

    "So is Dawn travelling all by herself?"

    "Well, from what I saw she had two other companions with her, both of which were males" he replied, not sure on how she would react. The phone went silent for about a minute until Johanna burst into a hysteric laugh, much to Professor Rowan's confusion.

    "No need to worry, Dawn is too young to even be thinking about boys" she explained to Rowan's amusement.

    He chuckled. "Well that's good to hear, now if you'll excuse me I am needed down by the lab."

    "We all know how busy you are, sorry for taking your time Professor and thank you for informing me about my daughter" Johanna thanked, and with that she placed the phone down. She then looked at Ryu and Glameow who had turned a little play fight into a full blown street brawl. A drip of sweat comically appeared behind her head as she noted their childish behaviour. It was quite astounding for Johanna to see Glameow being so lively with anyone other than herself.

    The day quickly went by, and sooner the they had expected it, the sun had went down and it was time for the moon to rise. Being the gentlemen that he is, Ryu volunteered to help organise the house and set up the dinner table. Glameow also helped out, but she and Ryu had ended up causing numerous mini fights around the house. As he was setting the plates down which he got from the kitchen, he noticed Johanna's unusually happy exterior. Of course, she was naturally kind and was always smiling, but they way she began acting was different from this morning.

    "I wonder why she's so happy?" he thought as he set down the last plate. Curious as he was, he decided he would ask her when they ate. Johanna soon joined them at the table and she brought out one of her favourite delicacies, a rainbow sprinkled cake that looked extremely delicious. It took all of Ryu's strength to resist himself from assaulting the cake down to the last bite.

    Johanna noticed Ryu's enthusiasm to eat one of her cakes and smiled.

    "You may eat some now Ryu" she confirmed and with that, the carnage had begun with Ryu not waiting another moment to devour it. His eyes lit up from the cream soft feeling of eating the well made cake and he thanked her multiple times. As he was finishing up, Ryu wanted to know why she was in such a good mood all of a sudden, and so he asked. Johanna had told Ryu about her daughter, Dawn.

    She explained how she was ten years old and how she had always wanted to become a pokemon coordinator. Ryu, who was still stuffing his face, asked her where she was now. She had told him that she left home two days before he had arrived and met with Professor Rowan. This sparked Ryu's interest even more, as he wanted to know what a Professor was.

    She explained all of the details about their responsibilities and what they did for a living, but most importantly, she told him that they were responsible for giving new trainers their starter Pokemon and Pokedex. These words bounced around Ryu's head many times over as he tried to contemplate their meaning. He had a hunch that he had heard these words before but just quite couldn't remember where.

    Johanna, who was enjoying explaining things to Ryu, looked at his right arm; to be more precise the black gauntlet that was around it and still remembered when she first gazed upon it. She still wasn't quite sure why it was attached to his arm and god knows who exactly attached it, but now was her chance to find out.

    "Ryu, do you mind telling me why you always wear that gauntlet around your arm?" she asked pointing towards it. Ryu snapped out of his "thinking" mode and looked at his arm.


    Now that she mentioned it, what exactly was this thing around my arm? Ryu had never actually noticed that it was attached to his arm and never really bothered to even to figure out why. He just thought of it as if it was an extension of his arm, not really a gauntlet. "I can't remove it from my arm, so I can't really help it can I?" he joked with a tint of sadness in his voice.

    Johanna had noticed this and saw the discouraging face that Ryu tried to hide and frowned. She began to regret asking about it.

    "I apologize if it was a personal matter. I had no business asking you about it" she apologized as she bowed her head.

    "It's fine It's fine , I don't really know how to feel all depressed and stuff" he responded, trying to ease her guilt.

    "I just wish I had more information to tell you about it" he continued while carefully looking at it. Johanna suddenly raised her head and looked at Ryu.

    "Information! That's it of course!" she thought as she got up from her seat. Ryu and Glameow were startled by this, looking at one another and then back to her.

    "Is something wrong Ma'am?" he questioned, wanting to know what had made the passive woman so jumpy.

    "I've got it!" she screamed out loud. "Why don't you go and visit Professor Rowan? I'm sure if anyone knows about your arm, it will definitely be him" she suggested to Ryu.

    "Are you absolutely sure?" he asked, feeling anxious at her sudden outburst.

    "Of course, he's knows everything there is to know about Pokemon, and if that arm has anything to do with Pokemon history, then I can guarantee that he'll know what it is" she reassured him. Ryu suddenly began feeling incredibly happy at how a piece of his memory could be solved.

    "This is awesome! Thank you so much Johanna!" he exclaimed and went over and gave her a great big hug. She didn't know how to respond to such a tight embrace from someone she had just met. Although it was unexpected, she smiled and embraced him back. This news must have meant alot to him, as being able to regain your memories must have been quite a miracle. He could now understand why he was here and where exactly did he come from. Johanna retracted herself from the hug and looked at the time.

    "Oh my it's quite late, we should all get some rest" she offered.

    Ryu's stubborn side began to overtake him and he wanted to go right now and ask Professor Rowan about it.

    "But I want to meet the Professor right now, besides it's not even that la-" he almost finished, but froze dead in his tracks as he saw Johanna frown at him while putting her hands on her hips.

    "Now listen Ryu, when a guest stays at my house I expect them to comply with my demands. Do you understand?" she demanded of him while slowly inching her face closer to his.

    Not wanting to defy the "head" of the house, Ryu did as he was told.

    "As you wish Ma'am" he replied awkwardly. She smiled and pointed him to the direction of where he would be staying tonight. He made his way towards his room and spent the next couple of minutes making his bed and opening his windows. He jumped onto the bed that laid there and stretched outwards.

    Bringing his arm in front of his face, he deeply stared at the black machine that was attached to his arm, wondering different ideas about who he was.

    "Just who am I?" he endlessly thought as he clenched his fist. Not wanting to incur Johanna's "wrath" any further, Ryu tucked himself in and slowly began to drift into sleep. He had all day tomorrow to meet this Professor Rowan and hopefully he would have the answers that he wanted.

    A/N: Thanks for reading you guys. All reviews/critiques are appreciated. I want to know what you guys thought of it To show my appreciation, I will post previews of new chapters at the end of the previous ones.

    Next Time: Chapter 2:“A Fateful Meeting”: As Ryu ventures into the forest and heads for the Professor, he comes across an injured pokemon who is being chased! Who exactly is this lost and hurt pokemon and why are these weirdly dressed invaders after it
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