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    Originally Posted by Miss Doronjo View Post
    Mmm, yeah, Pokemon Red is a really glitchy game, but, you can get a lot of cool stuff because of that. :3

    Anywho, your LP looks cool so far; you've made a couple of choices on things I can relate to (like naming the name character Ash when I was younger =0) I didn't know about the Save abuse glitch.. maybe I'll try it out sometime~

    Anyways, I look forward on what you produce next! BTW, I added your LP to a thread that has a collaboration of all the latest LPs here, so, you can basically refer to it later~!

    (and yeah the rival needs to chill :B)
    Here, thanks man!I'm now starting the second part of the walkthrough
    I'll won against Gary this time...but I won't say anything more than that :-p


    [SIZE="3"]Okay, people!Welcome to part 2 of my walkthrough!This time I decided to go as far as Brock's gym.So, the areas we cover today are:
    -Viridian City(2nd visit)
    -Route 22+Rival battle
    -Viridian Forest
    -A new team member(!)
    -Glitch of the part:Level 100 Pokemon before Brock(!)

    So, we start this part off in Route One, just for some level grinding.When I got to Level 10, I went to Viridian City and bought 6 PokeBalls and 19 Antidotes.Viridian Forest is sure a dangerous place.Then, i went to Route 22 to battle my rival, and lost, so I went grinding again.Finished grinding at level 14, and tried again(WISH HE WENT EASY ON THE GODDAMN SAND ATTACK!!!).I failed again, so I just went on to Viridian Forest, and this is what I found after a couple of minutes of grinding:

    Pikachu, no nick, is a new member of my team!Also, I managed to evolve Squirtle just after this battle.(Yes I do love level grinding

    Okay, let's finish up this part.I am in Pewter City Pokemon Centre, with a Lv.15(more level ginding!) Pikachu and Lv.16 Squirtle
    Okay, so let's save.I don't know why the Pokedex says '3' .Wondering why do I have such a high time on the timer?I love to use the speedup button.

    Wartortle:Level 19
    Pikachu(Cian):Level 18

    -You didn't fight the bug catcher by Pewter City's gate in Viridian Forest
    -You didn't fight your rival on Route 22

    Okay,so today we are going to focus on the level 100 Pokemon before Brock glitch which exists in Red, Blue, and Yellow.After you did that,go to Viridian City.Get yourself to 1HP. Then, go all the way to Pewter City gate.There should be a trainer right before the gate.Do not talk to him.Save here:
    When you approach him, he should start talking.Reset the game at this point:

    After that, select 'Continue' .Then, go next to the trainer.You should encounter a wild Pokemon.Let the Pokemon kill you(unless it's a Metapod, so if you're feeling brave poison yourself first).The trainer notices you, but you teleport to the last Pokemon Centre you were in.(What you're doing here is the same glitch you're doing with the youngster on Route 24) .You should be by Viridian's Pokemon Centre.Go over to Route 22 .Fight your rival there.Lose to your rival, then go to Route 2 and save right here:
    After that, enter the tall grass.Use growl 7 times, then RUN.Go into Viridian Forest once again, you should encounter a Level 1 Pokemon.If you're curious about the Special stat required to get all Pokémon that will level to Level 100 instantaneous, here's the list:
    NidoranM (3), Nidoking (7), Ivysaur (9), Gengar (14), NidoranF (15), Nidoqueen (16), Mew (21), Gastly (25), Blastoise (28), Pidgey (36), Kadabra (38), Graveler (39), Machoke (41), Golem (49), Poliwag (71), Machop (106), Poliwhirl (110), Poliwrath (111), Machamp (126), Haunter (147), Abra (148), Alakazam (149), Pidgeotto (150), Pidgeot (151), Bulbasaur (153), Venusaur (154), Nidorino (167), Nidorina (168), Geodude (169), Charmander (176), Squirtle (177), Charmeleon (178), Wartortle (179), Charizard (180), Oddish (185), Gloom (186), Vileplume (187), Bellsprout (188), Weepinbell (189), Victreebel (190).
    Catch that Pokemon.NOTE:It was a hard job for me, even though the Pokemon was at level 1.It took me around 10 times to catch it, so beware!Okay, with that out of the way, battle a Pokemon that gives out less than 40 EXP. .Your Pokemon should Level up to Level 100.(Okay, if you do not know how to get 40 EXP or less, here's how you do itut your starter on the front of your team before the wild pokemon battle, then use growl.After you did that, switch to your Level 1 pokemon.Defeat the wild pokemon with your Level 1 Pokemon.You should get around 30 EXP each).
    P.S. That one large part!

    Glitch was done on GNUBoySymbian(Yep, I still have a phone that runs Nokia's Symbian OS).

    IN PART 3
    -We defeat Brock(Yup, Brock Obama(Slogan:Yes, we can catch 'em all!) )
    -Go into Mt.Moon, and fight a life-risking battle with Jessie and James
    -Finish by Cerulean's Pokemon Centre.

    Okay people, My battle with Brock!
    Pokemon Red Battle with Brock
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