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I think it refers to companies, not individuals. And company heads at that. I know that it doesn't explicitly say that in the article, but we can apply a bit if critical thinking here and consider the context.

'Polluting' is a pretty vague thing - are they going to kill flytippers? People who have BBQs? People with wood burning stoves?
Please. Not everything in China is crazy just because it's China. China has environmental protection laws, except they are not very strongly enforced. As seen by this event, there is clearly room to do more policing. Presumably the law will punish those who excessively break it, like turning off chemical scrubbers for coal plants, dumping waste chemicals into the water supply, and so on.

This is a country where you get executed for drug trafficking, rape, kidnapping with extortion, and so on if the crime is serious enough. And I'd say there's significant public support for capital punishment. They've had capital punishment for those who severely violate business regulations, but they often commute the sentences of the business heads to life sentences while some of their underlings get the injection. I think it's fair for the heads to be paying with their lives if those beneath them have to do it.
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