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Treating others differently because they're different is wrong fundamentally. And PC is just a way to cover that simple little fact up. It ends up separating more people than it brings together. It has its uses in larger conglomerates but ends up being detrimental in every day life.
The aim is to treat people with dignity. There are certain words in our vocabulary that can be degrading in a certain context. I find that considering the use of different words as treating someone differently is much more shallow than the fact of the matter, which is treating someone with the same respect as you would any other person. If one doesn't believe that's the point of PC, then obviously that person is getting it wrong, will feel hostile to the idea, and potentially offend someone even while 'trying' to be PC.

I treat people I love and respect with dignity, I treat people who have offended me gravely, well with hostility. Especially if they haven't paid for their dues. Is this treating people differently, which is wrong fundamentally? On the surface yes, but I'm treating them with the dignity they deserve. Just an example coming from the other direction.

But then that's the person being offended's fault for being offended for no legitimate reason.
I find that it's really really tough to be offended for no legitimate reason, unless said offended person is being disingenuous. What happens more often in my mind is a knowledge gap, that one person is ignorant of something and pushes ahead saying it without fully understanding with what their saying. Who's fault is it? Well the person accused of saying something stupid can certainly apologize and say "sorry, I didn't know that". To put it another way, would it be better to apologize for ignorance or to refuse because you believe ignorance isn't 'wrong'? In this situation, whoever refuses to apologizes looks to me of defending their ignorance and that to me is just flat out stupid and insincere.
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