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It's... kinda effective?
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My only disagreement with this law is what they use for the death penalty - A real waste of, as morbid as it sounds, human resources. They have people dying everyday because they can't get a organ transplant - I say put them in a induced coma, harvest anything useful, and pull them from life support once everything useful is removed.

It's kinda morbid, and no public official would suguest something like this, but it's a much better option then just executing someone. My method gets the same end result, a dead person, but it ends up saving some people's life at the same time.

Edit - Actually, China does take organs from executed criminals. But they are trying to phase out this practice.

Most other countries condemned this practice though, crying consent consent consent. A load of crap imo - Religious expemptions aside, whats a dead person to do with his organs? Seriously though, they are tossed right out. Wasted. All the while people are dying because they can't get a kidney, a liver, a heart, or a whatever. I'd right out say that if your on the chopping block you shouldn't have any rights, but the crimes that get you put on the block vary a lot from nation to nation so it's hard for me to justify that broad of a statement.
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