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Guys, I am super busy right now, so I'm temporarily closing shop. I just have too much going on, especially with GT coming up which I have events to plan for, some stuff I'm writing, keeping up with my RP, and getting my Challenge threads caught up. So I'll be getting all my current breeding requests done today hopefully, then I won't be accepting more. Thanks for understanding. Please refrain from posting in my shop until I open again. It should only be a week, maybe even just a few days. I just need a little time not to worry about this while I get organized.
Originally Posted by WisherWisherWish View Post
Well can you get a Male DW Torchic?
I can give you one of those, yeah. I'll be in touch for a trade later today hopefully.
Originally Posted by Call me Gamma View Post
Heyo Necrum,

Pokemon: Vulpix
Nickname: Idalia
Gender: M/F Female
Nature: Timid
Ability: Drought
Egg Moves: none
Best IVs: Special Atk/Speed
Pokerus: Nah


#37 Idalia (Vulpix) ♀ (level 1)
OT: Necrum ♂ (White 2, 8170/32973)
IVs: 20/16/25/31/27/31 - Hidden Power: Dragon 65
Nature: Timid - Ability: Drought
Ember | Toxic | Protect | ***

Request Filled!
Originally Posted by stresszilla View Post
Pokemon: Dratini
Gender: Female
Ability: Marvel Scale
Egg Moves: none
Best IVs:

Pokemon: Shroomish
Gender: Female
Ability: Quick Feet
Egg Moves: none
Best IVs:

I would like to offer, in return, a DWF Barboach (hydration ability) and a DWF Qwilfish (intimidate ability)

#285 Shroomish ♀ (level 1)
OT: Necrum ♂ (White 2, 8170/32973)
IVs: 14/30/11/21/3/26 - Hidden Power: Psychic 59
Nature: Quirky - Ability: Quick Feet
Absorb | Sunny Day | *** | ***

#147 Dratini ♀ (level 1)
OT: Necrum ♂ (White 2, 8170/32973)
IVs: 31/25/31/31/26/31 - Hidden Power: Steel 68
Nature: Modest - Ability: Marvel Scale
Wrap | Leer | Toxic | Protect

Requests Filled

Originally Posted by Mars™ View Post
may you please breed this:

best IVs:high attack and high speed

#280 Mars (Ralts) ♂ (level 1)
OT: Necrum ♂ (White 2, 8170/32973)
IVs: 31/31/22/7/15/31 - Hidden Power: Dragon 70
Nature: Adamant - Ability: Telepathy
Growl | *** | *** | ***

All current request have been filled. I'll be back open in a few days once I got some other stuff sorted out. ^-^
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