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    Originally Posted by Error.exe View Post
    I'm back again with some few ideas
    -A library containing ancient texts about legendary Pokemon
    -Department store
    -Tricott Honey(Can be bought in Tricott town later in-game)
    -A library would be pretty awesome. It would contain existing legends and stories, but also more info to explain the links that Nintendo didn't explain. The legendaries in Ambient will also be fully explained, like how Arcanine is a legendary.
    -No department stores, just malls filled with items! The malls will be located in Satin City, Silk City, Coir City, Velour City, Material City, Sisal City.
    -Look at THIS LINK of Tricott Town. It has information about the wonderful Greenhill Honey that is popular during the town's Honey-Maker's Festival. It is a dedication to the sweet taste of delicious Honey.

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