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    Now that they've almost passed this law, another Russian MP is demonstrating just how homophobic they can be:

    Russia lawmaker wants gays caught and flogged in town squares

    Alexander Mikhailov, Deputy of the Trans-Baikal provincial assembly, said he intends to advance a regional law that would see paratroopers catch gays in the streets and have them dragged to public squares where Cossacks will flog their ‘asses’.

    Mikhailov praised a local physician criticizing the recent legalization of gay marriage in some countries in Europe, saying: ‘I would like to call upon all fair-minded people to look at this shame’

    ‘We have to deal with such things.

    ‘There should be a law where paratroopers will given the right to catch gays in the streets and drag them to town squares where Cossacks would lash their asses with whips.

    ‘In Russia for many centuries the ass was used for educational purposes and not for love entertainment. So we should use it according to its intended purpose,’ he told a local news agency today (20 June).

    Commenting on the news, Russian LGBT rights advocate Nikolai Alekseev told Gay Star News: ‘There’s a real competition now in Russia in stupidity and absurdity.

    ‘Alexander Mikhailov, is Deputy of the Fair Russia party in the Baikal Lake province and no one has ever heard of him, but now he will spark a worldwide discussion.

    ‘In a similar way, Deputy Vitaly Milonov from St. Petersburg, achieved his near celebrity status when he initiated a local law banning so-called gay “propaganda”.

    ‘Homophobia is used in order to promote oneself in the news and headlines, for the personal PR of the politicians.

    ‘This is done to distract attention away from real social and economic problems of this country.

    ‘It only further discredits the regime and makes Russia a subject for jokes worldwide, discrediting the whole country.

    ‘So I suggest, for consistency’s sake, if Russian lawmakers want to introduce medieval laws, why stop at gay issues?

    ‘Let’s get fully medieval and have the hands of corrupt officials and deputies cut off for robbery.

    ‘This should be carried out in town squares to provide a spectacle like in other notable countries, like Iran.

    ‘I think many Russian officials and deputies will end up without their hands.’
    So what's next in Russia? I still assert that if things keep going the way they are, Russia will regress until homosexuality is once again illegal in that country.
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