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Recruiting a Team Member

Team name: Risingmoon Gaming
Team Leader: tommyger
Current Members: none
Current Game title: Pokemon - Mewtu's Erwachen
Current progress made:
  • Tiles: 5%
  • Scripts: 8%
  • Maps: 3%
  • Graphics: 11%

Position(s) needed
  • Character Design (Trainer (PKM LV) and Story)
  • Scripter ('cause I'm sucking at scripting on the Essential kit)
  • Lector for the English language (Sometimes I don't use the right words to say what I mean in the games)

Timezone: GMT+1 Germany
Preferred Method of contact: Skype - PM - Email what ever
Link to your active PC thread OR At least 4 screenshots (One of these are required. Posts without these will be deleted)

Additional info: Looking mostly for a german helper but enlish is ok too. Thats a way for me to release 2 languages

If you need any infos just pm me.

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