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    Gavin "Rhodey" Rhodes
    Episode 1, Part A, Sub-Part 2

    Apparently Rhodey's comment was taken as a poorly designed joke when he was being fairly serious. It didn't really bug him, he even laughed along with the purple haired girl. He almost took her up on her offer when some other lady, probably the manager or owner, came up and scolded her, but still somehow managed to wink at Rhodey. Flirting always did seem to flatter the musician. The other lady also mentioned that the girl's name was Kit. Another oddity added to the board. Kit mentioned that he owed "$7.23," so he reached for his wallet and grabbed a ten dollar bill. As he was handing it to Kit to pay for his scrumptious treats some other guy came from behind Rhodey and asked for a bear claw as well. Rhodey immediately began wondering how popular these pastries were, because everyone seemed to want one. Rhodey resumed his exchange of money for pastry.

    "Don't worry about the change, keep it as a tip."

    He always seemed to hate receiving change, something about how there never seems to be enough to buy anything he wants with it. Kit handed him the pastries, while motioning towards one of their tables. Nothing was keeping him waiting to fulfill his now apparent hunger. It was getting towards that time of the day after all. He took a seat at one of the aforementioned tables and took a bite out of one of the bear claws. It was delightful! That ever so tasty almond-y taste that was always welcomed at any part of the day. He took another bite, and it was just as awesome. Shelly was right, this place was pretty amazing. He knew he would be coming by here more often. While he was eating he noticed that he had completely forgotten napkins, oh the audacity. Immediately, he stood up scouted the room for a napkin vendor and retrieved about four napkins. After he returned to his table he wiped his mouth making sure there were no crumbs on his lips, thus preventing him from looking like some slob or hobo. With his now cleaner face he continued munching, but was then interrupted by an untimely buzzing.

    Someone had texted him. Upon checking his phone he realized it was Drew, but what in the world did he want? It was about last night. The label called him and said they would give them another shot tonight, if they were willing... It took a few seconds for it to set in before Rhodey launched himself out of his seat and exclaimed in joy. The chair he had been sitting in fell backwards and by some miracle the bear claws stayed on the table.

    "Hell yeah! We get another shot!" he shouted, all before realizing where he was. "Sorry, won't happen again." He smiled apologetically towards everyone.
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