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    Originally Posted by Davey Wavey Fitness
    According to researchers, static stretching reduces strength by almost 5.5%. In a different study involving squats, static stretching was found to reduce strength by 8.3% – and was linked to increased feeling of instability. Researchers noted that the impact is greatest when muscles are stretched for 90 seconds or more – and somewhat reduced for stretches under 45 seconds.
    But it doesn’t end there. Power is a measure of a muscle’s ability to produce for during contractions, and muscle power generally falls by about 2% after static stretching. Explosive muscular power – like bursting into a full sprint – was reduced by 2.8%.
    While reducing output by a few percentage points doesn’t sound like a big deal, every pound or nanosecond counts – especially in the world of competitive sports. When races are won by hundredths of a second, reducing power by 2% is a game changer.

    source here
    That is the article that I read on it. But from what I understand, doing a stretch with resistance would be dynamic. I don't know about planking or horse stretches, but squatting would be dynamic as it encourages the movement of the muscles that you use to actually squat. But doing something like say... a flamingo, is bad, because you are just holding the muscle in that outstretched position. And while might provide a greater range of flexibility, it also comes with a power loss that ensures you won't have the proper strength to fully accommodate for it. It's like saying that high octane gasoline is better for your car, in most cases it is, but if you care is say... a Diesel that doesn't run on such a high-compression engine, then having the "better" fuel won't do you any good, it'll probably actually cause harm. While it is better, you just don't have the right type of engine to process it.