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Bruce Gibson

After minutes of walking, Bruce finally arrived at the forest. With a determined look in his eyes, he took the Pokéball that contained his Abra and gripped it. Okay. Time to be serious, and get this Pokémon to respect me. he thought, and sent him out. The Pokémon said nothing upon being sent out; he was probably fast asleep. Despite that, it floated around Bruce using his psychic powers. Wow. To be able to move around so freely while sleeping... This Pokémon must be truly powerful. No wonder it's so hard for me to get it to listen to me. Bruce looked at his Pokémon in awe as it wandered around, looking content with the forest area.

"Okay, Abra, let's train." he said.

The Pokémon, however, acted as if Bruce had said nothing. He continued to float around, and steadily strayed away from his trainer, doing what he pleased as usual. Bruce was no fool, and walked after it, but got hit face first against an invisible wall of some kind. "What the..." he said, covering his face, "Abra!" The Psychic Pokémon had used Barrier to troll Bruce again! That's a new one...
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