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Over the past 24-48 hours, there has been some massive flooding in Calgary, which has caused a mass evacuation of the city, including the downtown core where over 350,000 people are living and employed. I haven't heard exactly what caused it yet, but there have been reports of placing like the Saddledome (where the Calgary Flames play) taking in thousands of litres of water a second, and has the building completely flooded right up to the luxury boxes, which are 20ish rows up from ground level. There are also bridges in and around the city that are completely submurged, and even the Calgary Zoo looks to be underwater.

I've got some family living there, including my mom, so it's some pretty scary stuff. I can't remember if we had any Calgarians here (I know that we have a few people from Edmonton), but hopefully everyone stays safe and followed all of the evacuation orders that have been sent out.