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Part The First.
New York State of Mind City
Theme: Empire State of Mind - Jazy-Z & Alicia Keys [Ed Sheeran Cover]

"In New Yoooork! I've Become A Where Dreams Tomatooooes!" Nikk whispered to himself as the soothing voice of Ed Sheeran played within his head. Cause that's kind of a thing now, am I right?

"What are you singing?" An inquisitive Lettice asked, bobbling around in curiosity along her black glasses and puffy, white dress. Pigtails of a deep-black swaying around as she eagerly awaited an answer with a wide smile.

"Dunno. Something by some Cheerán guy, I think."

"Ed Sheeran?"

"If you say so."

"Okay!" Lettice bounced outside of the living room they were sitting in. Some news people in TV. he never pays attention to them, but even he was perplexed by the incidents revolving around mist. Mist is nice, people! We only need to hug it and become friends with it and it'll all be okay! Jeez...

He stood up and took his thought with himself as he reached for the fridge in their kitchen... No more milk... again. But then again, it's not like they always have milk... if at all. He just likes to open the fridge in hopes of finding some food for a change.

"Hey Nikk!" A high-pitched voice said from behind. As he turned around he found out it was't Lettice. It was just Lolita, their nanny in turn. The slim, blonde girl with well-groomed hair that couldn't stop smiling. He has nothing against her, not yet, at least. But her name is like an invitation for a terror-movie.That's pretty much a rule of thumb for all Lolitas around. She's your Lolita! La Femme Nikita!, he loves to make that Veronicas pun. Today was no exception.

And just like always, she laughed. She laughs about EVERYTHING. It's very obnoxious. He needs air... lots of it. Especially if Lolita is not around.

"By the way," there she goes, swaying her arms like she's having an attack of epilepsy, "Aren't you going to visit your girlfriend?"

"Girlfriend?" He wasn't following who this "girlfriend" was.

"Y'know who I'm talking about, that Natalie kid, she's so nice!"

"S-She's not my girlfriend!" He said as he smashed the fridge's door and commanded Lolita to step aside, "I'm going outside," he then spit, "Don't stay awake waiting for me!" And as he left with more noise Lolita couldn't help but notice how red the kid's cheeks went in the moment Natalie's name was thrown at him.

"Natalie again?" Lettice inquired after a while.

"Isn't it always about her?"

"True that."


It's always chilly in New York... No, actually, it isn't. The hell is it so cold around here? The thought of being cold pervaded across Nikk's head while he tried to walk around the masses of people in New York. And as it just so happens, he /is/ planning to go see Natalie. Not because Lolita mentioned her, mind you! Y'know what? Shut up.

She's nice and all, but she's only her friend, okay? Besides, it's not like she likes him back... Assuming he actually felt something for her! Oh, look, you made Nikk blush again, are you happy now? Besides, they had decided to go to some random bakery a few days before. He couldn't let her down, now could he?

"Natalie!" He exclaimed at the foot of her house with a somewhat low voice, "Yo!" His voice was now louder, "Them bearclaws are not gonna buy themselves!" He awaited another second before ending in the loudest tone possible, "And I'm hungry!"

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