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Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay. Ash's Coma theory got me thinking about the whole story, I do believe it, not really, but, in my mind, Ash is 12. But I think that his Journey isn't very long. Anna said that each journey could only be less than two months, but that makes no sense: you can't bond with someone that well in 2 months. So, I'm assuming he doesn't seem to age because it's the coma theory. He might not age because it's a kid show: kids don't age in kids show. So I'll call this the "Arthur Paradox." He's going to be ten forever--that's how kids want to see things. They don't want to see Ash a 27 year old man.

But I think he's 12. He must have aged a little--he seems older in Sinnoh despite saying he's ten.
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