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ok so i guess i'll give a progress update now. i've started with pokemon yellow, and i'm playing it on an emulator,,,

pikachu was my starter(of course), i caught a rattata in the first route as soon as i could buy pokeballs, caught a nidoran female on the route before viridian forest(i didnt even know there were nidorans there), and got a bulbasaur in cerulean city. at the moment, i am in cerulean and just finished murdering misty's gym and the nugget bridge. along the way i've also caught a clefairy which i stored, and was given a charmander which was also stored.

i also keep accidentally letting my pokemon evolve because of the speed-up of the emulator, and keep having to reload my save state. hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh annoying.

current number of badges: 2/8

current team:

Madi(Pikachu), lvl 22
Moves: Thundershock, Quick Attack, Double Team, and Thunder Wave

HotDog(Rattata), lvl 21
Moves: Quick Attack, Water Gun(does crap damage except to Sandshrews, not the best idea i've had), Tackle, Hyper Fang

Milk(Nidoran Female), lvl 21
Moves: Scratch, Poison Sting, Tackle, Double Kick(easy winner against Brock)

Ib(Bulbasaur), lvl 10
Tackle, Growl, Leech Seed


edit: i don't think i should double post, so i'll just post my next update as an edit!

a lot of stuff happened. i got lots of gift and non-caught pokemon including eevee, hitmonlee, lapras, squirtle, and some others. i caught some other pokemon just to get some in my pokedex, so i could get HM flash. i stored 'em all. i got through pokemon tower, some gyms, silph co. and the place with all the rediculously powerful pokemon on cinnabar island. i caught a ponyta for my team on cycling road, and a tangela in the safari zone. i got the HMs i needed; flash, strength, surf, and fly. i'm using a random pidgey and my squirtle as HM slaves for fly, strength, and surf. none of the pokemon on my main team can learn those moves.

current number of badges: 7

current team:

Madi(Pikachu), lvl 43
Moves: Thunderbolt, Thunder, Mega Punch, Flash(HM)

HotDog(Rattata), lvl 42
Moves: Quick Attack, Blizzard(TM), Thunderbolt(TM), Hyper Fang

Milk(Nidoran Female), lvl 39
Moves: Bite, Skull Bash(TM), Double-Edge, Double Kick

Ib(Bulbasaur), lvl 43
Moves: Cut(HM), Poisonpowder, Leech Seed, Razor Leaf

Biangra(Ponyta), lvl 40
Moves: Ember, Fire Spin, Stomp, Fire Blast(TM)

Ran(Tangela), lvl 41
Moves: Cut(HM), Absorb, Mega Drain(TM), Bind
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