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Originally Posted by Mr. X View Post
Still though, we don't really know how time progresses in that series - For them their weeks could be 10 days, their months 40 days, their years 24 months. Or any other random combo of numbers.
Very true, their perception of age may be vastly different than ours. In addition, I don't believe it's explicitly stated that the world this anime takes place on is Earth. (It might be mentioned in movies, but those are filler for the most part)

Ash did progressively get more matured by the time D/P came around, but by the start of B/W I think that sign of aging began to disappear. Obviously, being an anime directed towards children, the creators didn't want things to get too serious, so they made Ash a "little kid" again in Best Wishes (as Iris mentions far too many times). Time rift?

Oh, and that Ash's Coma theory does make sense in a creepy sort of way (hence, creepypasta)...
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