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    1 – Natalie Delgado
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    New York City

    Natalie woke up in a good mood on the morning of August 1st. The past week was depressing for her and this change of mood was welcomed greatly. Her change of mood was so noticeable; her sister Allison had noticed it when they woke up. Her sister knew Natalie was in a good mood when she witnessed her skip into the bathroom, something she never did unless she was super happy about something.

    “People like us, for people like us,” Natalie sang along to the song playing on her sister’s phone as she brushed the mascara brush over her lashes.

    Allison raised her eyebrow, “You seem really happy today. What’s up?”

    Natalie turned to look at her sister, meeting her identical brown eyes, “Nothing’s up? Can’t I just be happy?”

    Her sister nodded her head, “No. Just a week ago you found out your favorite teacher was murdered. Something is up.”

    Natalie winced, “Did you really need to bring that up?”

    “Sorry, but yes,” Allison said. Natalie put the mascara into its case and put it away. She straightened her clothes and turned to the mirror to fix her hair again. Allison noticed a butterfly clip in her hair and that’s when she put things together, “You’re going out aren't you?”

    “What?” Natalie sputtered.

    “You are!” Allison exclaimed while pointing at her excitedly, “You have a date!”

    “It’s not a date,” Natalie countered.

    “Ha, but you’re going out!” Allison retorted, “It’s that bakery isn’t it?”

    “Yeah, but I am not going with anyone,” Natalie answered.

    “Objection!” Allison declared, pointing her index finger at her, “You are wearing your favorite clip. Now who’s the lucky boy?”

    “B-boy? What boy? I don’t have a boyfriend, it’s nothing like that at all,” Natalie chatted nervously.
    “It’s Nikk,” Allison concluded, “I know I’m right.”

    “Fine, you’re right. I am going to the bakery with Nikk. Just don’t tell anyone alright,” Natalie explained.

    “Of course not, I promise, cross my heart,” Allison stated. She was facing her now, her back turned, and secretly behind her, her right hand was crossing its fingers.

    “Then why are you inching closer to the door?” Natalie interrogated.

    She heard the door click and Allison pushed the door open. She smiled at her younger sister, “Family has to know Natalie.”

    “You wouldn’t,” Natalie dared.

    Allison smiled even wider and then made a break for it. She ran out of their room, with Natalie on her tail, and all the while Allison screamed, “Natalie is going on a date!”

    Jamie, their younger brother then popped his head out of his room, “A date?”

    Natalie put on a look of horror on her face while Allison skidded to a stop and smiled, “Yes a date.”
    “With who?” Jamie asked, as he exited his room. He was a damn giant compared to his sisters. He was nearly 6’0” and he was going to be a freshman in a couple of weeks. Life wasn’t fair.

    “You better not tell-"

    “Nikk!” Allison smiled.

    “You mean that Nikk?” Jamie asked, which received a nod, “Finally! Good job sis, you finally got a date.”

    “It’s not a date!” Natalie exclaimed, with a blush on her face.

    “What’s this I hear about my sister going on a date?” Another voice interrupted. It was their oldest brother, Aaron.

    “Does he know that you were-"

    “Born as a man?” Natalie interrupted, “Yes.”

    “Um yeah okay,” Aaron stated awkwardly before continuing with a teasing smile, “You better give us a report when you get back.”

    “Aaron!” Natalie shouted. More would have been said if they didn’t hear knocking on the front door.

    “Natalie, yo! Them bearclaws are not going to buy themselves! And I am hungry!” A voice shouted from behind the front door of their house.

    “That’s Nkik,” Allison teased.

    “Coming!” Natalie called back. She sent a playful glare at Allison, who was hiding her laughter behind her hand. Jamie was giving her a wink and Aaron was coughing, trying really hard not to smile. Natalie ran off to get her messenger bag and then rushed to the front of the house and opened the door. Before her siblings could look over her shoulder to see the boy, she quickly shut the door and grabbed his hand.

    “C’mon let’s go,” Natalie urged, pulling him off the porch and out into the streets of New York.
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