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    They sky was still dark as they walked away from Oerba. Jericho had made mention of some sort of monster he was hunting but Ezra paid no attention. He began opening and closing his palms again trying to form magic like he had seen the others conjure. Suddenly, Aurora and Daniel began to pick up their pace. Confused as to why they hastened, his questions had been answered.

    “Its Ghasts!”

    His eyes widened as the crystalline figures approached. Carefully unclasping his gun from its holster, Ezra ran towards the others, stopping just behind the three.

    "Ghasts! Save me some of the blue scales for the spoils! I will do my blacksmith-thing afterwards!" Said Jericho. His excitement only made Ezras adrenaline levels rise higher than the teen was used to.

    “Blue scales?” Questioned the brunette. If these ghasts are as rare as the giant make them out to be, I’m sure those scales could fetch us a pretty penny. Though he was about to enter battle, Ezra wore a small smirk on his face. He backed up out of harms way and began to take aim.
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