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Originally Posted by ANARCHit3cht View Post
I'm wondering though, why do you call it that??
Beaches in New England tend to be on the gross side. I wouldn't swim in the water at all on Connecticut's shoreline, though I did swim at Cape Cod a few years ago on vacation. My arms were so sore that weekend! I haven't been to the beach recently because I like to go with the dogs, and beaches don't allow dogs during the summertime.

Really, I do a lot of my working out at work. Running around a grocery store for six hours gets the heart rate going, and I've lost fat but gained muscle so I can't say that I lost weight. I just look more fit. Outside of work, I mostly walk, ride a bike, or play basketball for exercise. I've been meaning to start building strength in my body so I can learn breakdancing, or bboying as that's the proper term.

It's really incredible when you stop to think about how jacked dancers really are.
I'll admit that I used to dance for years, and my legs were so strong in those days. I miss being that flexible.
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