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I ran into a Basement Key problem, too. My item pocket was full and I didn't get it. I deposited an item and went back up to talk the fake director, but I still didn't get the key. After resetting, I freed up a slot and did the battle again and ended up getting the key.

Also, just as a note, there's a Beauty on Route 38 with a Lv.19 Corsola, compared to the Lv.30 or so Pokémon used by other Trainers.

Edit: For those of you with a hex editor, the Basement Key can be changed to how it works in normal Crystal by changing these offsets:

Original values:
$6B61: 40
$6B62: 01
$6B63: 50

Change these values to:
$6B61: C0
$6B62: 02
$6B63: 60

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