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    Kali Rose
    “Kali! Kali!”

    “Why am I shaking?” The thought drifted lazily through Kali's sleeping mind. “Is someone... calling me?”

    Kali had been so scared by the laptop incident that she couldn't fall completely asleep until the wee hours of the morning. Every time her eyes had started to flutter shut, her freaked-out mind would wake her right back up. After a while it was just plain frustrating.

    “KALISTA ROSE!” Crystal shouted as she yanked the blankets off Kali's mostly-asleep form.

    “Cold,” Kali grumbled as she feebly groped around for the covers. But Crystal kept them away successfully.

    Crystal leaned right down next to Kali's ear, and addressed her tersely. “Kali! Wake the hell up, girl! We're leaving to explore the City in like, 5 minutes! You already missed breakfast!”

    At the sound of “breakfast,” Kali bolted upright. “WHAT YOU SAY?!”

    Crystal rolled her eyes at the sound of the old meme. "Breakfast. Over. Get dressed. NOW." Crystal pointed to the bathroom, and Kali shuffled out of bed dejectedly.

    "How could I have missed breakfast?!" Kali mentally reprimanded herself as she got dressed. Her mother had reminded her as she was frantically packing a few days ago that New York had been unseasonably chilly lately, so Kali had thrown in a couple pairs of thicker leggings and some long-sleeve shirts along with her dresses and skirts. Out of the things that Kali had packed, today she chose to wear a simple powder blue sleeveless baby doll dress. Under that she wore a long-sleeve white button-up and thick knitted leggings. After she tamed her long locks, she added a cute blue headband.

    Just as she was about to start on her make-up, Crystal knocked urgently on the door. "C'mon Kali! Madame Dubois is getting everyone together in the lobby!"

    "Eep!" Kali decided to forgo her make-up today. She was a bit upset about that, but resolved to not let it get to her. Kali exited the bathroom and sprinted over to her line-up of shoes. She chose her comfy flat black Mary Janes. She quickly tossed a long black beaded necklace over her head, and grabbed her phone, purse, and wind breaker-type jacket.

    "Ready?" Crystal asked as she held open the door for her buddy.

    "Yes, finally!" Kali grimaced as she stepped into the hallway. "Sorry about that. Hey, are you OK?" Kali was thinking about Crystal's reaction to the freaky phone message the night before.

    "Yeah, I'm fine," Crystal replied while looking Kali up and down. "I should be the one asking you that, though."

    "Why?" Kali yawned the question.

    "You were mumbling in your sleep, and you had this... pained look on your face." Crystal gave her a sympathetic look to let Kali know she wasn't making fun of her.

    "I'm just really tired," Kali resolved as they boarded the elevator with some of their classmates. They were only on the fourth floor, so it was a short ride. As they stepped off, the group of kids met up with their teacher and the rest of the traveling party.

    "OK, OK! Tout le monde, écoutez!" Madame Dubois was trying to get her students' attention. She rolled her eyes as the kids chattered on. "Listen everyone! We don't want anyone getting lost!" She clapped her hands loudly as she talked, and the students finally quieted.

    "Everyone grab a partner. You'll be watching out for each other today, alright? With all these disappearances, we need to stay vigilant!" Madame Dubois was a bit passionate about safety, and who could blame her? She used to be a security guard - or so the rumor was.

    Kali and Crystal bumped arms and smiled at each other. While Kali knew all the kids on the trip, Crystal was the only one she was close with. The girls linked arms as Madame Dubois lead the group out of the hotel and into the crisp morning.


    Not an hour into their trek around the City, Kali's stomach started protesting. "Erg..." She grumbled as she held her stomach.

    "What's up?" Crystal asked.

    "Are you hungry? I'm famished," Kali replied.

    "All this walking this early has made me want to get a snack," Crystal decided.

    "Awesome, let's ask Madame if we can stop somewhere to grab something!" Kali skipped forward, pulling her friend along.

    "Madame! Can we-"

    "Français, s'il vous plaît." Madame Dubois was determined to continue teaching even though it was still summer vacation.

    Kali sighed and thought hard. "Madame, pouvons-nous... prendre le petit déjeuner, s'il vous plaît?" Kali hoped that she had said, "Can we have breakfast, please?"

    "Vous n'avez pas eu le petit déjeuner plus tôt?" Madame widened her eyes at Kali. Kali's eyes widened in return, but only because her sleep-deprived mind was trying to comprehend what her teacher just asked her. ("You didn't have breakfast earlier?")

    "N-non..." Kali hoped she answered correctly.

    "Oui." Madame nodded and looked around. Just a few stores ahead was a bakery. Madame turned around and addressed her charges. "Nous allons arrêter à cette boulangerie!" She pointed ahead. When she looked at their faces, she was met with confused looks from most of them. "Nous," she motioned to the group as a whole; "allons arrêter," she made the "stop" motion with her hands; "à cette boulangerie," she pointed to the bakery again.

    This time the kids nodded and "ooohhh"'d in understanding.

    "Merci beaucoup, Madame!" Kali thanked her teacher and skipped into the shop after her. Kali took in the place - it was small, but in the cozy way. There were a couple of other customers in there already, and a girl with lavender hair was manning the counter.

    As the other kids filed in, Kali studied the menu. "Wow, so many yummy-sounding treats!" She clapped happily; her food weakness was baked goods.

    A couple of her fellow seniors just ordered coffees and found seats. Some of the other kids didn't want anything. Once Kali decided on what she wanted, she got in line behind a young-looking couple that entered while she had been thinking.

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