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    Here you will admit your faults and your sins. This is pretty much an online confession box where you admit to your real life or virtual sins. But only do the ones you feel most comfortable admitting. AND NO CRITICIZING! Here, I'll start:

    In Real: I assisted bullying a little kid. Still hate myself.

    Virtually: On Fire Emblem: Awakening, I sacrificed Emmeryn. It may not be terrible, but I made Chrom sacrifice his SISTER!! :c

    Virtually: I annoyed my friends boyfriend to no end. I had the cheek to call him a rotten toenail. I feel both awesome and regretful. Even though he was about eight years older then me. xD

    Those are the sins praying at the back of my mind almost every day. I hope those who are posting to not judge the living fudge out of me. Man, I am almost too weird, haha.
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