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    Originally Posted by Saving Raven View Post
    so is this a rehash of red/blue with a little change? I'm not sure I get whats going on here
    also, how do you see over 1000? there exists 649-800 pokemon, are you going to make 200 or so fakemon?

    how are you going to implement 6 regions? is this going to be the "one pokemon game we all have dreamed of" where you start in one region and then go to every other region? how would it fit in story wise? are you planning on making it a post game event? where you finish all the main story stuff and then can travel to another region?
    For me there exist till now 649 but what i mean with see over 1000 is mostly in different forms.
    I gonna add an example screenshot soon.
    About the regions i answer after the next quote.

    Originally Posted by Varion View Post
    6/8 regions?!
    I can safetly say that's waaay too much.
    I was talking about this to someone yesterday, they were only having 3 regions.

    Ideally you only need 2 regions, unless you plan to up the maximum level of pokemon from 100, to something higher.
    About regions:
    I dont plan to let the player run through every route and every City.
    The Story is about to play in every region include past regions but not in every place
    The maximum Level will be 100.

    VI. Credits

    Using Pokemon Essentials by Poccil

    I dont write down which files i use when found.
    If you see something that is made by you and you want to claim your credits dont answer with "YOU STOLE IT" "GIVE ****ING CREDITS A**HOLE". Just message me via Forum PM and i gonna add your Name in Credits if you can prove that its made by you.
    But mostly i dont steal it. Mostly everything is made by Gamefreak. Everything else i gonna credit.

    Thanks for understand