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I didnt checked latest Pokemon News but seems like the new Movie is named like this: Pokemon Movie 16 - Extreme Speed Genesect and Mewtwo's Awakening

So i gonna change the name to something different.

Originally Posted by Maruno View Post
Are you using the version of Essentials from September 2010, or one even earlier than that? I assume it's one of those because you didn't credit me, who has been working on it since then.
Hey, im using Version 11 from 23rd December, 2012 with mixed features from Version 12.
I gonna credit you of course.

I just wrote down that i would prefer a privat message because i dont want to have this thread full of requests on getting the credits.
If anyone can prove its his of course i gonna add the credits. Not a big deal. and if anyone say: Hey, i did this and i dont want that you add it in your game because i didnt allowed it, then its ok too. Then i gonna replace it with something else or doing my own thing somehow.

I know that you worked on that. Saw on some threads.

Using Pokemon Essentials by Poccil and Maruno

Originally Posted by Nickalooose View Post
Hello, I like the battles, especially moving sprites... I envy that, since I don't have that in my game (would I like to, maybe!) But I don't right now... None the less, I don't understand the screenshots on why some are colour, then all of a sudden your character is black and white, in a colour game then goes to Red and Blue graphics... Odd... But my thoughts are, you switch back and forth through time... Anyway, seems interesting, I may give it a go if a release is made

I did see your comment about that... I don't agree, I had 5 regions in my past game, all playable... All fitted well, until my HD died ... So anyone who says it's too much, it's because they are either lazy or haven't got the ideas to do it themselves... If you want 8 or 4 or 12... If you can do it, go ahead... Don't let anyone tell you otherwise, I for one would like to see how someone else does this since when I made it, it wasn't bad at all, I'd like to see this by playing myself.

Good luck.


I didn't read the credits, but that's a valid point made... I'd feel a little used.

Yeah, you will be able to switch through time means Black and white time (Red Blue Green) and normal time and 3D Time (B/W, DP)
About the animated sprites, it was mostly a "Test".
I decided to remove them because it makes the game damn laggy. But i added Animated sprites to event Pokemon.

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