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    Originally Posted by aka4794 View Post
    Welcome Lord Nerevar, Moon-and-Star...

    Originally Posted by miksy91 View Post
    What aka4794 said here is part true, and if I got what you meant, you've already managed to get inside the research center in Argent Warehouse. So Zapdos will be there once you've first "lead" it flying there.
    Yes, I should probably have mentioned I knew (from a video earlier in the thread) where I could catch him.

    There is a girl in Area 110 describing how she saw a yellow bird pokemon flying by. Zapdos is in fact the one and you can run into it in Area 110 by checking a certain, obvious spot on the left side of the map. Zapdos will surprise you from behind, and fly to the upper-part of the map. Follow it there and "talk" to it. This will make Zapdos fly to Argent W. research center.
    D'oh! Now I feel stupid
    I met him, only didn't follow the bird to the top...

    Also, I guess it could modify entering the password a little bit. For example, change Cancel option to "Auto" which would automatically input the password if you've "Code Paper" in your key item pocket. That wouldn't be cool though! But it would make several people happy
    Well, putting it in once, isn't that bad - I guess I was more annoyed than a normal player since I came there looking for a certain pokemon a few times, thus entering it again and again became annoying.

    Though probably less annoying than the amount of grinding required to do the King of the Sea quest (I don't think I'm going to do it this time around )

    By the way, cool to hear you liked it otherwise
    Definately - the additions You've made to the gen II formula make it one of the most interesting things I've played.

    One thing I forgot - is there anything we can do with the man in the Trading House? He certainly doesn't seem to accept the thing I bring him
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