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So, I was pretty busy when i watched this episode. But here's what I liked. I thought it was pretty cool to have the group split up like that for pretty much the entire episode, each dealing with a different aspect of the problems at hand without really knowing what the other is doing. I also liked the fact that each trainer was with the opposite trainer's region professor. May was with Oak and Ash was with Birch. Seemed like it worked out with a really cool dynamic to it.

I am really digging on Birch's voice actor, very cool, and any episode that has Oak in it is pretty much a win.

I really wish i had more to say, but I was quite distracted while I was watching. Anyway, if no one has any other suggestions, I say we watch Fear Factor Phony. I know nothing about this episode except that Wobbuffet falls in love with a Kirla, which is priceless and we need to watch it!
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