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How mature would you say you are? On a scale from 1-10 for example?

Do you easily get angry or make pointless fits/arguments often? Do you laugh at just about any sexual or off-joke/crude humor ? How much more mature would you say you are now than you were 5 years ago?

As for me I'd rate myself a 6.5. I can act mature at times, particularly when the situation fits, but I still find myself laughing at the crude and sexual humor in shows like Adventure Time, Regular Show or other shows that generally aimed at children as well as more adult-orienntated stuff such as Family Guy. I also can make pointless arguments or scream at someone for no reason. If asked this 5- 7 years ago, I would gave myself a 3 or 4. Even at 14/15/16 years old, I would have tanturms and fits. If something pissed me off (mostly at school) I'd cry, scream, run all over and throw things. Around mid way of being 16 I realized , "This is not how a person my age acts." And so I started trying to act more mature and learning how to conrtol my anger. Now I don't get as angry at stuff and when I do have a ragefit , I apologize afterwords. Still think I have a lot more growing up though.

How about you guys?
im back
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