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    Do you easily get angry or make pointless fits/arguments often? Do you laugh at just about any sexual or off-joke/crude humor ?
    I don't think laughing at a certain kind of joke makes you more or less mature- I think it's about laughing in the wrong situation, or laughing at someone else's expense that makes you more or less mature.
    I think maturity is based on how you handle certain situations, and if I want to laugh at a fart joke from time to time, then I don't think it makes me any less mature at the end of the day. It's not like you suddenly grow up and you stop having a sense of humor. You're allowed to be an adult and watch cartoons and play games.
    What makes you mature is if you are responsible. Are you responsible for your own situation or do you put the blame on others? Do you throw a fit when things don't go your way, or do you do things in a fit of jealousy? How do you approach people? Can you provide for yourself or can you take the steps to realize and be grateful for the things given to you instead of taking them for granted?

    I feel I'm quite responsible, I'm living on my own and I've had to figure out things for myself (DIY projects whee.) I'm not reckless with my health or money, and I respect other points of views even if I hold my own. But things can sometimes become really overwhelming and sometimes I let them get the better of me. I'm also too impatient, and too sensitive. Overall I'd say 8/10. I'm more responsible, I feel, than most people up to 10 years older than me that I know. But I still have some things to learn and to calm down sometimes and not take so many things to heart.
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