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    Hey man have I got a story for you!
    But for this... You would need fire red or leaf green.
    Based on the lavender town myths...
    The game would play as normal... Although people would tell you about **** going on in lavender...
    When you reach the city... It will be sealed off by the cops.
    No one allowed in.
    Creepy **** is going on there.
    Everyone who enters doesn't make it back.
    You meet blue before the city... Being the showoff that he is he sneaks past the guards into lavender through a hidden cave.
    he says he is going to save the people of lavender...
    After he sneaks in the cave collapses
    Professor oak, lance, and agatha arrive. They explain that something
    Serious is going on on lavender. They are Herr to solve the problem.
    They say its not safe to enter the city.
    You tell them that blue sneaked in... Worried about his grandson
    Professor oak tells lance to open the cave, lance uses his pokemon but apparently
    There isn't a cave there... Just rocks. Shocked they all enter the city
    It's dark...
    And quiet...
    The original lavender music from red and green plays in the background.
    After looking around for a bit
    Everyone notices a black figure near the pokemon tower it vanishes. Agatha the elite four
    Being the expert on ghosts says there's something supernatural about that figure.
    You all follow the figure to the top of the tower where it stands
    As you all approach it these creatures appear... Sort of like zombies.
    And you battle them.
    After beating them you make your way to the figure... After reaching it..
    It says LEAVE... Or DIE... And pushes you back...
    Prof oak runs to help you up. And lance steps between you and the figure.
    Agatha asks the figure " who are you?? What is it you want??"
    It says " Death is coming.... You cannot escape"
    Professor oak runs up to it and says" where is my grandson?!"
    The it the screen flashes white and everyone is teleported to some unknown location.
    Dark... Like a cave.. blood everywhere. You all start to follow a trail of blood... When professor oak sees something and runs of yelling the Blue? Is that you?? Blue?
    Lance yells No! Professor we should stay together... And runs after him.. you and agatha
    Follow them only to reveal that the path is blocked be a fallen tree it appears that something knocked it down.
    Agatha says she's going to try and move the tree and that you should go check out the other path...

    The other path...
    Dark and creepy.... Tombstones everywhere...
    A trail of blood leading the way...
    You follow it... Fighting zombies along the way.
    Eventually reaching a grave.
    Where you walk automatically and read the inscription.
    It says Here lies RED or what ever the players name is.
    The the screen goes the figure appears and say LEAVE!
    The screen fades black and you wake up surrounded by oak
    Lance and agatha... They say you were unconscious
    Agatha says she found oak and lance they had run into some zombies.
    And that they had found a temple ahead.
    The screen fades black and you appear at the temple.
    You all see the figure enter it...
    Everyone goes in.. you follow.
    Once again... You find yourself alone. In the dark. Following a trail of blood.
    Eventually reaching a room full of skeletons. The screen goes black. A woman appears
    Text box says the woman's laugh sends chills down your spine.
    It fades back to normal.
    And you are in a different room... Oak and everyone appear from off the screen and
    Say " there you are we thought we had lost you"
    You all make your way to the final chamber of the temple.
    Where you find a trainer... It's blue.. wait there are more people too.
    Huh? Wait something isn't right...they start battling you guys... Like they ate under some kind of spell...
    After defeating them you are approached by the figure.
    It says " Now you will all die!!!"
    Lance jumps in front and sends out his dragonite.
    Zombies appear to fight him, oak, and agatha. You have no choice but to confront the figure
    You go interact with it... Which leads to a battle.
    It sends out some ghost pokemon.
    Not too strong.
    Win or lose = same outcome...
    If you lose lance will kick its ass.
    So after the fight.. it reveals the figure to be a trainer.
    Possessed by some evil sprit. She is bound to a chair and agatha
    Is working on a way to exorcise the sprigs using her gengar
    More zombies appear. Oak heals your pokemon if you won the fight
    Beat all the zombies.
    Agatha manages to perform the exorcism.
    And the woman is freed from the sprite. Which then leads to yet another battle
    With the ghost from the trainer tower.
    Except its not a marowak... And it knows some pkmn attacks like shadow ball etc.
    Beat it and send its ass back to hell.
    Yay you just saved the whole dang universe!!
    The rest of the game plays the same... All pokemon should be there even legendary
    No pokemon from sinnoh.
    No fakemon.
    Only a few custom pokemon for the zombies and ghosts.
    Trainer sprites should be updated to ds ones ( I can help with this )
    Intro screens ( I can help with this )
    Trade evoloutions to level evolutions. ( I can help with this )
    Area zone for pokemon to appear.

    If you like my idea Pm me I will have an email for my acc soon