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    Originally Posted by Zeffy View Post
    It's actually pretty smart, the way they created almost similar species in each region. It actually corresponds to the actual diversity of the species of animals (and plants) in our world (yay animals). I mean, I don't think you should expect to see the same kind of rodent found in Asia whilst being in North America. They are similar, yes, but they still have that different characteristic among them, much like how the rodent-like Pokémon have different characteristics among them.
    I get what you're saying, and now that I've seen that opinion I do feel inclined to agree that the idea is good, but that doesn't mean I have to like it.

    Personally, Roggenrola and Geodude's similarities bother me - did we really need another regional rock type whose final evolution a trade evolution. Same story with Machop and Timburr. As someone's already mentioned too the Throh and Sawk are kinda the Unova versions of the Hitmon-pair. Not to sound like a Genwunner, but I do personally prefer the Hitmons, in spite of never using them

    I wasn't really gone on Emolga's ridiculous similarities to Pachirisu either. Maybe they could have considered making him a different type - can you imagine a little badass Fire/Flying or Fighting/Flying rodent? And then Victini and Emolga seem to be based off the flying squirrel thing too?

    At the same time though, we kinda have to expect a bit of a creature rehash at this point - there are nearly 700 of the critters at this stage, a little bit of overlap would be expected. Not what we want to hear but it's true unfortunately.
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